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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Eva Maria Hoffmann

Research Project

My research aims to gain an understanding of the process in the development of computer science as an academic discipline in the specific Afghan context.

Although, computer science is a fairly new discipline in Afghanistan, the understanding of computer science as a holistic discipline has considerably changed in the past years. Members of the higher education system, and especially newly qualified young lecturers, in Afghanistan are arguing what computer science is and what role it plays and how it can contribute to the development of the higher education system as well as economic development.

The higher education system in Afghanistan is in the middle of reconstruction and a variety of actors are participating. In particular, ICTs are seen as a tool and symbol for modernity or as an agent for development and computer science has developed to a key discipline within the higher education system. The particular situation of computer science in Afghanistan will be used to highlight processes and developments.

As a methodological framework I will be using a combination of situational analysis and action research.

PhD Supervisors

Lawrence Dritsas

Gari Donn

Awards and Funding

 School of Social and Political Science Graduate School Scholarship


2011 - MSc in Science, Technology and International Development, University of Edinburgh

2007 - Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Informatics, Technical University Berlin, Germany