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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Valeri Wiegel

Research Interest

During my studies of Business Information Systems I had been working in the research department of a German automotive company. There I learned how researchers collaborate closely with business partners to develop strategic information systems. These systems help decision makers to deal with increasing complexities and uncertainties inherent in a globalised world. The experience I gained working on different projects, and particularly on the successful development of a procurement optimisation system which never got implemented, aroused my interest in understanding how technology, innovation and society interrelate with each other.

In my PhD I investigate the development, implementation and diffusion of a strategic information system. The particular information system emerged as a prototype from a research project starting in 2002. After almost ten years of innovation and diffusion cycles (aka innofusion) the initial prototype evolved to the standard strategic network planning tool implemented in different business units. Although the successful innovation process is largely to be attributed to the collective efforts of a multitude of individual actors, which some theorists of technology describe as the heroic engineers of heterogeneous networks, some aspects of the process remain unexplained with an actor-centric perspective. Therefore, I take a biography of artefact perspective to explore how the artefact was socially shaped through engagements with various players. The biographical perspective is found to yield a richer explanation of how a continuously changing nexus of actors, artefacts and organisations interacted in multiple locales as time moved on.


Prof Robin Williams
Prof James Fleck

Teaching Experience

  • 2014 Technology and Innovation Management, Lecturer, School of Engineering
  • 2013 Technology in Society, Tutor, School of Social and Political Sciences

Organising Committees

  • 2012 Innovation in Information Infrastructures Workshop, Edinburgh 
  • 2011 iDocQ, Aberdeen 
  • 2010 SICSA PhD Student Conference, Edinburgh