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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Hanna Mantila

Hanna Mantila
Hanna Mantila
Social Anthropology School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Anthropology of Pharmaceuticals, Transcultural psychiatry, Psychopharmaceuticals, Medical Anthropology, Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies

PhD Title

Psychiatric Practice in Hong Kong



Dr. Stefan Ecks

Professor Francesca Bray



The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Honorary Research Assistant

The University of Hong Kong - Visiting Scholar



BA Chinese (Modern and Classical), School of Oriental and African Languages      Dissertation: From Biology to Karma - An investigation into scientific and popular attitudes towards mental illness in late Imperial China (2006 - 2010)
Including studies at Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学 (2007 - 2008)

MSc Anthropology of Health and Illness, University of Edinburgh                         Dissertation: Diagnosis as Continuum - Global Psychiatry and Neurasthenia in the People's Republic of China (2010 - 2011)


2+ ESRC Full studentship



Mantila, Hanna (16th December 2013) review of Alexander Edmonds' Pretty Modern - Beauty, Sex and Plastic Surgery in Brazil. Durham: Duke Univeristy Press, 2010. At Somatosphere,


Conference papers

Mantila, Hanna (July 2014) The DSM-5 and Psychiatric Practice in Hong Kong, at the Brocher Foundation symposium DSM-5 and the Future of Psychiatric Diagnostics: Perspectives from the Medical Humanities, Geneva, Switzerland

Mantila, Hanna (June 2014) Mental Illness and Psychiatry in Hong Kong Consciousness, at the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin (AGEM) conference Global Mental Health: Mental Health from Cultural Psychiatric and Anthropological Points of View, Heidelberg, Germany

Mantila, Hanna (June 2014) The more severe the illness, the better you're off in the public system: Economic wealth and mental health care in Hong Kong, part of the panel Economic Wealth and Mental Health: Questioning the Paradoxes at the ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment, Edinburgh, UK

Mantila, Hanna (October 2013) Treating Crazy: Becoming a Hong Kong Psychiatrist, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Friday Seminar Series, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Mantila, Hanna (June 2012) Global Psychiatry and Neurasthenia in the PRC, at the China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK


Teaching experience

2014, Medical Anthropology (MSc) - lecturer on Global Mental Health

2013/2014, Social Anthropology 1B - Tutor

                 Social Anthropology Year 1 Elementals, term 2 - Tutor

2011/2012, Social Anthropology 1A - Tutor

                 Social Anthropology 1B - Tutor