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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Social Policy

Name PhD Title Research Interests Contact Information
Khuloud Alsaba Social Determinants of Health in Conflict and War: Militarization and Health in Syria Health Inequalities and Social Determinants of Health,Social Inequalities and Health,War and Conflicts,Public Health and Development Policy,Public Health in Conflict,Political Economy of Violence,Political Economy and Health,Feminist Theory,Gender-based Violence,Political Change and Health in the Arab World,Interdisciplinary Research,Theories of social power. Ideological power,Theories of Social Justice,Intersectionality and Inequalities 3. 16 Chrystal Macmillian
Megan Arthur Philanthropy and child undernutrition in India: Understanding governance processes Global Health Policy,Global governance,Non-state actors,Public health,Social policy
Dena Arya Power in the peripheries: Youth non-mainstream political participation and economic inequality in the UK Britain,youth,austerity,political studies,Participation,Scotland,inequality  
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Majdi Ashour Beyond Resilience in the Times of Despair: Changes in Out of Pocket Payments in the Gaza Strip. Health policy,Mixed methods,Public health,Gaza Strip,Health Systems Research,Households surveys,Health care seeking behaviours,Out of pocket payments,health systems in conflict affected areas,health care utilization,Epidemiology,In-depth Interviews,Life histories,Health Financing  
Global Public Health Policy
Rachel Barry Understanding marijuana policy change in Uruguay: Towards policy coherence to regulate health-impacting commodities? Global health governance,drug governance,policy dynamics,policy coherence,lesson drawing,policy transfer and translation,low and middle income countries,Interactions between research evidence and public policy,frame theory,health policy,drug policy reform
Fabio Battaglia To GDP or not to GDP? Identifying the factors that promote and inhibit the use and influence of measures of progress and well-being in Scottish and Italian policy-making. Quality of Life,Well-being,Economic Growth and Quality of Life,The Politics and Philosophy of Wellbeing,Democracy and Social Indicators,The Philosophy of Taxation,The Philosophy of Citizenship and Statehood
Alessio Bertolini Social Disadvantages among Temporary Agency Workers: UK and Italy Compared welfare systems,social exclusion,Subjective well-being,Social Inequality,Labour Market,Employment policy,Work & Labour,Social Policy
Sif Beyer-Hunt The influence of the populist radical right on centre-right parties' welfare policies. Welfare states,Welfare reform politics,Centre-right parties,Populism,Radical right parties,Britain
Tatiana Cary Private Philanthropy and Inequalities: understanding accountability and power in gender and development financing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),Gender and Development,Accountability,Public-private partnerships,Intersectionality and Inequalities,Feminist theory/research,Philanthropy,Governance,governance
Kevin Zapata Celestino From PROGRESA to PROSPERA: Explaining change and stability in the Mexican social policy Institutions and institutional change,conditional cash transfers,Mexican social policy,Mexican politics,poverty,Welfare reform politics,Welfare states,political elites,Social Policy,Policy change 2.45 
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Ashlee Christoffersen The politics of intersectional practice Intersectionality,Equality policy,Race/ethnicity,gender,Sexuality,Practice,Third sector,feminism,reflexivity 2.43
Taya Collyer Health Inequalities Research: The Tribe and the Territory Sociology of Science,history of statistics,statistics,data management Chrystal MacMillan Building
Angelo Ercia Improving health care access for low-income patients in a mixed insurance market: Investigating the impact of the U.S.’s Affordable Care Act on Federally Qualified Health Centers minority rights,Health policy,Politics of health,Social Policy,statistical analysis,Health Systems Research,Mixed methods,Quantitative Research,qualitative research,Public health,Health Promotion,Global Health Policy,Evidence-based public health,HIV/AIDS,Health systems,Philippines,Sexual Health,Mental Health,Health Insurance,Public Health Practice and Policy,health inequalities and the social determinants of health,policy responses to health inequalities,social justice,Community based research,LGBT,Health Behaviour
Bianca Luna Fabris The trade unions, the left(s) and the unemployed: the politics of unemployment protection in Belgium, France and Italy. Labour Market,politics,comparative social policy,trade unions,Radical left,Leftism
Dominique L. Green Reconsidering Disadvantage in the United States: An Application of Social Exclusion to 'big' American Data Participation,Policy,Social capital,Inequality,USA,Quantitative Methods,statistical analysis,poverty,Social Policy Room 3.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Rebecca Hewer "Our (In)Ability to Speak": Interpretations and Representations of Prostitution in an English Policy Context Gender and crime,Feminism,Policy construction,Criminology,Sex Work,Sex & Gender,Critical Social and Political Theory,Neoliberalism,Discourse Theory,Ideology,Policy,Law and Regulation,Prostitution,Critical Discourse Analysis,Risk and vulnerability Chrystal MacMillan Building
Christine Huebner Citizenship, young people and political engagement: How young people make sense of their role as citizens in Scotland and the Netherlands Citizenship,Political participation,Political identities and citizenship,Youth participation,Political Culture,Quantitative Methods,methodological innovations
Nikos Kanellopoulos The discursive construction of Higher Education policies in Greece during the crisis (2010-2015). Education governance,Educational policy discourses,Education and European integration,Europeanisation,Social Policy and the Eurozone Crisis,Critical Policy Analysis,Critical Discourse Studies,Critical Discourse Analysis,Cultural Political Economy,Critical Realism Chrystal MacMillan Building
No Photo Yi-tao Lee Growing On-line with Daddy: Early Childhood on Taiwanese Father-run Baby Blogs Children and childhood,Childhood and Youth Studies,Internet research,Children's Rights,Sociology of technology,fathers and fatherhood
Claire Leppold Health Inequalities in Japan: Through the Lens of the Fukushima Disaster Global Health,Epidemiology,Mixed Methods,health inequalities and the social determinants of health,Disasters,Public health,Japan
Liliana Manzano Criminology,Crime prevention,Social exclusion and violence,Public policy,Quantitative Research,Neighborhood-effects,Multi-level modelling 3.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Clara Mascaró Employment retention and social security for working-age disabled people in Germany and the United Kingdom, 2010-2019. Disability,Work,Employment transitions,Political Economy,Labour Market Policy,United Kingdom,Germany,Spain 2.43
Leah McCabe Gendering Change: Tracing domestic abuse policy discourses and directions in Scotland from 1998 Feminism,Scottish Devolution,domestic abuse,feminising policy,Gender & intersectionality,Policy change,critical frame analysis,women's and social movements,frame theory,Feminist institutionalism 2.19
Julie Murugi Stewarding provision of high-quality maternal and neonatal health services in the faith-based health sector: A Kenyan case-study. Maternal and Neonatal Health,Quality of Care,Universal Health Coverage,Health Policy and Systems Research,Low and Middle Income Countries
Saqif Mustafa COVID-19 and resilient health systems: an evaluation of policies, planning and practice in Liberia Health policy,Health systems,Public health,Global health policy,Health services,COVID-19,Health systems resilience,Health systems strengthening
Larissa Nenning Part-Time Work and Welfare States Political Economy,Unemployment,Retirement,Gender,Work,Austria,Germany,Institutionalisms,Feminism
Harla Sara Octarra Making visible inter-agency working processes in children's services Policy Processes,Children's Services,Inter-agency work,Children's Rights Flat 4F1, CRFR PhD Students Office
Cristina Asenjo Palma Enhancing the well-being of communities at disadvantage: changing the people or changing the system? Well-being,Community Development,Rights-based Approaches,Asset-based Approaches,Social Inequality,Research methods,Participation,Research Ethics 4.14
Ewan Robertson Political and Policy Dynamics of Supplementing Wages: In-Work Benefit Reforms in the United Kingdom and France, 1990s - 2010s United Kingdom,Social and Public Policy,Labour Market Policy,Economic Security,In-Work Benefits,Non-Standard Employment,Welfare Reform,Welfare States,France,European Social Policy Chrystal Macmillan Building
Viona Sari Exploring policy processes around the management of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Indonesia Policy Processes,Neglected Tropical Diseases,Infectious Disease,Global Health Policy,Politics of Global Health,Global Health Governance,Indonesia,Policy Actors
Evan Shirley A Decision Support System to guide decisions of public sector pharmaceutical supply chains in low-and-middle countries Pharmaceutical policy,Pharmaceuticals,Supply Chains,Operations Research and Management Science,Game Theory,Health systems,Public health challenges in developing countries Chrystal Macmillan Building
Vicente Silva The future of work and global labour governance: transnational policy formation in the fourth industrial revolution (supervisors: Jay Wiggan and Daniel Clegg) Work & Labour,Comparative Social Policy,Global Political Economy,,International Organisations,Class and social stratification,Qualitative research methods
Diego Mauricio Diaz Velásquez Supporting health care providers operating in asymmetric armed conflict settings: The case of Tumaco, Colombia Health policy,Peace and conflict,Politics of health,Political Economy of Health,Macroeconomics,Health Insurance,hospitals  
+447808521821 (57)3184673760
Miriam Vishniac The New Correctional Afterthought: Menstruation, Incarceration, and Gender-Responsive Treatment Feminism,Gender and crime,Menstruation,Prisons,Women's Health,Health policy,Social Policy,Feminist Research,Social Justice
Sabastine Wakdok Unpacking the 'Corruption Complex' in Healthcare: The influence of Corruption, Informal Practices and Practical Norms on Health Service Delivery in Nigeria Health policy,development and global health,Global Health Policy,Corruption,Health systems,Health services,Politics of health,qualitative research,health governance,HIV/AIDS,Public policy,Health Financing,Balance of power
Fei Wang Financial Security and Retirement for Women in China fanancial security,Financial Security,Quantitative Research,China,Gender,Elder,Poverty,Pension policy,Upward Intergenerational Transfer
Sarah Weakley Young people’s transitions to economic independence and the role of government assistance: evidence from the US and the UK youth,Welfare states,transition to adulthood,poverty,Quantitative Methods,Longitudinal Data Analysis,US domestic policy,UK domestic policy
No Photo Mark T.O. Wong "Hidden" Youth: Understanding Socially Withdrawn Young People in Hong Kong and Scotland Youth,NEET (Not in Education,Employment or Training),Hong Kong,Scotland,Scottish Public Policy,Social network analysis,Social capital,Social Networks,Big data,Data Science Chrsytal Macmillan Building
Alexandra Wright Exploring evidence-based policy implementation: a case of alcohol policy in Scotland Health policy,policy implementation,Health Systems Research,Public policy,Knowledge exchange,Evidence,alcohol policy
Laura Wright Play-based research to explore child researchers’ psychosocial wellbeing and community participation Research with Children and Young People,Play,Child and Youth Studies,Children's Participation,Participatory Research Methods,Children's Rights,Youth Engagement
Runguo Wu PhD in International Public Health Policy Health Insurance,Quantitative Methods,Multilevel Modelling,Monitoring and Evaluation 314 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Bryce Zedalis OTC Commodity Derivative Rulemaking at the CFTC, 2010-2016: A Cultural Political Economy Approach Financial Regulation,Cultural Political Economy,Financial Fragility and Instability,US Administrative Agency Rulemaking,Energy Policy and Regulation,Influence of US (Independent) Administrative Agency Chairpersons on Regulatory Outputs,Multi-level and Multi-dimensional Rulemaking Analysis,Assemblage Theory,Object-oriented Ontology (OOO)