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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Alexandra Wright

Alexandra Wright
Alexandra Wright
Social Policy School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Health policy, policy implementation, Health Systems Research, Public policy, Knowledge exchange, Evidence, alcohol policy

PhD Title

Exploring evidence-based policy implementation: a case of alcohol policy in Scotland


Dr. Katherine Smith and Dr. Sarah Morton


2012 MSc Comparative Social Policy, University of Oxford, UK

2011 BA Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Canada


What Works Scotland PhD Studentship, 2015-2018


Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Wright, A., Smith, K.E., Hellowell, M. (2017). Policy lessons from health taxes: a systematic review of empirical studies. BMC Public Health, 17, 583.

  2. Hellowell, M., Smith, K., Wright, A. (2016) Hard to Avoid but Difficult to Sustain: Scotland’s Innovative Health Tax on Large Retailers Selling Tobacco and Alcohol. The Milbank Quarterly.

  3. Zabkiewicz, D., Patterson, M., Wright, A. (2014). A cross-sectional examination of the mental health of homeless mothers: Does the relationship between mothering and mental health vary by duration of homelessness? BMJ Open,4(e006174). 

  4. Minas, H., Wright, A., Kakuma, R. (2014). Goals and organisational structure of the movement for global mental health. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 8(32).

  5. Eaton, J., Kakuma, R., Wright, A., Minas, H. (2014). A position statement on mental health in the post-2015 development agenda. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 8(28).

  6. Minas, H., Wright, A., Zhao, M., Kakuma, R. (2014). International Journal of Mental Health Systems: A bibliometric study. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 8(1).

Book Chapters

  1. Snyder, J., Crooks, V., Wright, A., Johnston, R. (2012) “Medical Tourism Facilitators: Ethical Issues and Regulation” In Hodges, Turner & Kimball (eds.) Medical Tourism: Risks and Controversies in the Exploding Industry of Global Medicine. Santa Barbara: Praeger.

Authored Reports

  1. Wright, A. (2017). What’s so important about health policy implementation? Edinburgh: Scottish Parliament. Available at:
  2. Berland, A., Best, A., Noel, K., Saul, J., Bitz, J., Barker, B., Wright, A. (2016). Assessing the legacy of the Global Health Workforce Alliance through the lens of Complex Adaptive Systems. Vancouver: InSource. Available at:
  3. Dua, T., Wright, A., Coloumbe, C. (2015). WHO Information Kit on Epilepsy: What you can do. Geneva: World Health Organization.
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  5. Shiell-Davis, K., & Wright, A. (2015). Scaling-Up Innovations. What Works Scotland Evidence Review. Available at:


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