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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Hadijah Mwenyango

Hadijah Mwenyango
Hadijah Mwenyango
Social Work School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 7786536924
Research Interests
Refugees/migration and displacement;, Women's Health, Children's Rights, Risk and vulnerability, Social Work Service Provision

Hadijah  Mwenyango is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA ), College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda. In her career at the Department of SWSA, she has convened on a number of courses including,  Design and Delivery of Social Services, Foundations of Social Policy, Health and Health Care Policy, Social Planning, Issues in Disaster and Forced Migrations. In the department of SWSA she has  also Coordinated the Undergraduate Program in Social Work and Social Administration; Participated in the Development of the Masters Programme in Social Work in Department of Social Work ; Participated in the Development of the Short Course in Migration Studies in the School of Social Sciences; Supervised Undergraduate Research Dissertations and Field Work Practice, Coordinated the Exchange program with Universities  collaborating with the Department like Gothenburg University and Others, as well as offered Academic supervision and support to International students on exchange to Uganda in the Department of SWSA.

Hadijah also serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for  Children of Ssuubi which is an NGO in Uganda aiming at caring, supporting and rehabilitating children who are living on the streets of Kampala.

She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Social Work at the University of Edinburgh.

Her Research investigates health care provision to refugee women and children who are living in settlements in Uganda and the role which Social Work can play in health promotion. From a Rights-based and Social Work perspective, she investigates the state of health for refugee women and children (vulnerability, increased risk, and their strengths); identify their entitlements to health care (policies); investigate access to and utilization of health services; articulate gaps; and suggest mediations to engender human development. in the camps.


Dr. Palatiyyil George- School of Social and Political Science

Prof. Nair Harish- School of Medicine


  • Worked as both a facilitator and part of the team of Consultants that led the study of the Uganda ACT Watch Outlet Survey and Fever Case Management (2015). The study was carried in the entire country. The Outlet survey is a national study of Outlets providing malaria testing and treatment, so we focused on all health facilities (public and private), pharmacies, drug shops and village health team volunteers. The study was commissioned by PACE, Uganda on behalf of Population Services International.

  • Research Supervisor on the Study about Equity Assessment on Reproductive Health Services provided by PACE in ProFam Facilities (2015). This study was carried out in many Family Planning and Maternity Health Facilities in all regions of Uganda and it was commissioned by PACE Uganda.

  • Research Supervisor and Research Assistant on the Study to carry out a Baseline and situation analysis survey for climate-proof disaster risk reduction project (CPDRRP) (2012) in Uganda. This study  was commissioned by Partners for Resilience (The Netherlands, Red Cross, Care, Cordaid and Wetlands International)

  • Participated as a member of the working committee to Research and contribute to the design of a Short course on Migration studies in the School of Social Sciences. 

  •  Member of the working committee with colleagues (in the Department and the School at large)and in partnership with the International  Organization for Migration (IOM) Uganda,  to brainstorm and make a proposed Plan for initiation of Centre for Migration studies in the Department of Social Work, Makerere University. 


Reviewed thirty-six (36) Abstracts submitted for the Joint Conference on Social Work, Education, and Social Development 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. 

Presented two papers at the workshop at Kassel University in Germany, 23-24 July 2014; titled: Violence Against Women and its implications for Social Development; and another: The Department of Social Work and Social Administration "A leading Knowledge Generation and transmission Unit for Social Development Solutions in Africa “

Presented an e- poster presentation at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development to be held from 9-12 July 2014 at Melbourne, Australia; titled: Gender, Ethnicity and Place: Contextualizing Gender and Social Background to the private and public livelihoods of African women in the Diaspora (Case study- Gothenburg Sweden)

  Presented a paper at the International- Social Work Conference in Uganda, March 2014; titled: Gender, Ethnicity, and Place: Contextualizing Gender and Social Background to the private and public livelihoods of African women in the Diaspora (Case study- Gothenburg Sweden)

Member of the working committee for the preparation of the same conference

Presented a paper at the International -Social Work and Social Development Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, 2012; titled: Support Staffs’ Perception of their Role in Supporting Crime Victims. A Case Study of Brottsofferjouren (BOJ), Gothenburg, Sweden.