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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school



Name PhD Title Research Interests Contact Information
Ji-Eun Ahn How Do Candlelight Vigils Become Routinized in South Korea? : Repertoires and Cycles of Contention in Post-Democratic South Korea (working title) Social movements,Protest,Political Sociology,Democracy,Civil Society and Democratization,Qualitative research ,East Asian Studies
No Photo Maryam AlHajri Historical sociology,State formation,Memory politics,archival research,Feminist Theories and Research Practices,narrative & auto/biographical methodologies,the Arab Gulf states,Anti-colonial resistance,ethnography,Decolonisation
Mario Alvarado The limits of multiculturalism Multiculturalism,Political philosophy,Social theory,Critical theory,Interculturalism,Identity,Recognition,Political Plurality,Liberalism,Social cohesion 3.13 
+44 (0)752 654 5549
David Anderson Social Space, the Self, and Displacement in the Urban Environment; an ethnography of community and home in Soacha, Colombia Marginality,Processes of marginalisation,social exclusion,boundary making,social/moral norms and values,Migration,societal structure,urban sociology,Social change,refugees and displacement,social space  
+44 (0)7793 453 143
Amy Andrada Middle Class Mothers: The Case of Gatekeepers and Rebels Ideology,Norms,Narrative Inquiry,gender,national identity,Gender hierarchies,Quantitative Research,Kinship and motherhood,Exclusion,Self,Identity 3.08B 27/28 George Square 
+44 (0)753 926 9587
Thalia Thereza Assan Girlhood,Childhood and Youth Studies,Friendship,Activism,Political Participation,Ethnography,Creative Participatory Methods,Education
Selma Augestad Feminism,Genocide,Humanitarian intervention,Norms,Agency,Post-conflict societies,Women and war,Gender & intersectionality,Social Justice,Transitional justice,Ethnicity & 'race' University of Edinburgh
Reza Bagheri Multiculturalism,Integration,national identity,Cultural Racism Room 6.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Kath Bassett Digital Sociology,Locative Media,Mobilities,Affect and Emotions,Qualitative Research,Space and Place,New Media Ontologies,Power and Subjectivation,Algorithmic Culture,Queer Theory,work and labour,digital labour,Geoweb,tourism G.11 
+44 (0) 749 867 3281
Katherine Baxter Childhood, Livelihoods and Everyday Choices: An Ethnography of the Lived Experience of the ‘Global Schooling Project’ in Nepal Education and social change,Sociology of Knowledge,Sustainability,Sociology of Sustainability, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable Development,Alternative epistemologies,Knowledge production and practices,Nepal and the Himalaya,international development,the sociology of development and aid practices,Childhood and Youth Studies,refugees and displacement Chrystal Macmillan Building Rm 4.16 
+44 (0)784 509 2651;
No Photo Heather Blenkinsop Stories from the Wall: The Making and Remaking of Localism Memory, identity,Britain,Historical sociology,Research methods,Narrative Inquiry,Legends,Community Belonging,Interdisciplinary Research,Mythology and folklore,Myth and storytelling Rm 6.12 Chrystal MacMillan Building
Théo Bourgeron pharmaceutical prices,lobbying groups,financial sector,private equity,UK politics,impact investing,hegemonic masculinity in finance,Brexit,opacity in pharmaceutical markets
Yuji Shimohira Calvo Retrieving Class: A Sociological Analysis of Political Participation in Europe in Times of Economic Crisis Political participation,Critical sociology,Social stratification,Quantitative analysis  
+44 (0)783 574 7499
Lorenzo Canepari Social memory,Families,Nationalism,Ethnicity,Regionalism,Italy,Balkans,Qualitative research,Comparative constitutionalism  
Canglong Wang (王苍龙) The making of the Confucian individual: Morality, subjectification, and classical schooling in China Chinese citizenship,Confucianism,National and cultural identity,Classical education in China,Schooling ethnography,Foucault,self-moralisation,Individualisation of Chinese society,governmentality in China,digital culture  
Christopher Cannell Nationalism in Delhi Nationalism,Democracy,South Asia,Delhi,Capital Cities,Federalism
Dylan Cassar Economic Sociology,Social Studies of Finance,Science and technology studies,Global financial markets,Central Banking,Government bond markets,Sociology of Knowledge,Political economy Room 5.16
Lee Chalmers How online vitriol shapes women’s engagement in feminist activism/argument in the UK
 Feminism,Political representation,Cybermisogyny,Public life,Gender,Gender theory,Trolling,Feminist Theory,Sociology The Chrystal MacMillan Building
Eric Zhong Chen Rm 6.13 
+44 (0)7738714688
Elisabeth Cuénod Being queer on Tumblr: The emergence of privileged discourses among queer Tumblr users Feminism,Youth,Technology and society,Sexuality,Social media and internet technologies,Internet research,Tumblr,Asexuality,LGBT studies,Identity,Boundary work,Gender,Intersectionality,Digital Sociology,Digital Culture,Queer Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+44 (0)7443 773228
Arek Dakessian Casting Nets and Framing Films: an Ethnography of Networks of Cultural Production in Beirut Cultural Production,Creative Industries,Cities,Beirut,Ethnography,Social Network Analysis,Networks of Cultural Production,Distinction,Taste,Material Culture,Materiality,colonialism and imperialism Chrystal Macmillan Building, School of Social and Political Sciences 
+44 (0)7447 509 109
Daniel Cetrà Nations and Nationalism,comparative territorial politics,Political Liberalism and Minority Rights,The Politics of Language,Catalonia  
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No Photo Alexandria Davenport To What Extent Do LGBTQ+ Audiences Queer Scripted Television Programming? Gender and Sexuality,Feminist Theory,Queer Theory,LGBT studies,Media,Transgender,MOGAI  
44 (0)7463 486464
No Photo Kali Dedominicis Online media fandom and the construction of virtual community media fandom,Qualitative Research Methods,Discourse Theory,internet research methods,community,Documents of Life,Sociology of technology,Technology and society,Discourse, practice and sociological theories and methods,Media and society,new media,Media anthropology,popular culture,digital culture
Ellen Frank Delgado Measuring Inclusion Beyond Diversity: A New Methodology in Computational Social Science Social Inclusion,Inequality & diversity,Organisation Studies,Social network analysis,natural language processing,Computational Social Science
Eeke Dix The Future Success of Multiculturalism: national identity perceptions and citizenship in the Netherlands Multiculturalism,nationalism,national identity Room 6.13
Eva Duncanson Feminism,Sex Work,Digital Sociology,Sex & Gender,Intimate Relationships,Intimacy,Online Relationships,Affordances,Co-presence,Violence Against Women
Nikki Dunne Intersecting Biographies of Care: Indian migrant nurses in a globalising care economy care chains,gender,Migrant work,transnational families,Transnational caregiving,Globalization,Qualitative Research Methods,Intersectionality,Inequality in the labour market
Friedrich Eierdanz Sociology of Sport,Cognitive Anthropology,Grounded Theory,Sociology of Knowledge,economic sociology,organizations and institutions Rm. 6.12 Chrystal MacMillan Building 

Eirik Magnus Fuglestad Propertied communities; the realization of national sovereignty in the US and Norway nationalism,State formation,Capitalism and its critics,power (domination,authority,legitimacy)
Nichole Fernandez Visualizing Croatia: National identity, advertising, and tourism in the European Union National Identity,Visual Sociology,European Union,Postnationalism,Return / transnational migration,tourism,nation branding,Nation Branding,postmodernity,Digital Cultures,Environmental Sociology Room 6.12
No Photo Natalie Forster
Joséphine Foucher artivism,Cuba,subjectivity,Aesthetic experiences,Political Sociology,ethnography,Digital ethnography
Kay Fretwell
Gilberto Galeazzi The Spirit of Caprera: an Ethnographic Analysis of Sailing ethnography,organizations and institutions,Ritual,authority,culture,Qualitative Research Methods,Sociology of Sport,Identity,Power (domination,legitimacy),time,subculture Room 3.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building
İdil Galip Niche-Memes on Instagram Digital Sociology,Digital Social Research,Instagram,Entrepreneurship,Subcultures,Online Communities,New Media,Memes,Niche-Memes,Algorithmic Culture,Art Worlds,Content Creation,Reflexivity,Digital Folklore  
+44 (0) 7732 425 410
Johan Gordillo-García Social movements led by victims of violence in Mexico. The case of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity. Social movements,Power and resistance,Political participation,Protest,Human rights,Political Sociology,Social Violence,Theories of social power,Mexico,Victims of violence
Poppy Gerrard-Abbott Sexual and Gender-Based Violence,Criminal Justice,Feminist Research,Gender and Sexuality,Gender Policy
Mary Hanlon Fashioning Power: Stakeholder strategies in transnational fashion and apparel activist networks post-Rana Plaza Work & Labour,Sociology of Fashion,Global Value Chains,Consumption,Fashion Theory,Consumer-based Activism,Education,Online Learning,Sustainability,Global Apparel Production,Creative Commons & Open Source,Food,Digital Narratives,Bangladesh Chrystal Macmillan Building
Jillian Hart Is methodological innovation superficially attractive but challenging in practice? methodological innovations,Research methods,Qualitative Research Methods,Research Ethics,reflexivity in research,Network Mapping,virtual/online methods,narrative and autobiographical methodologies,Interdisciplinary Research,Research methodology,Research methods and methodological innovations,participatory design,Social network analysis,Participatory Mapping,reflexive sociology
Andi Haxhiu Nationalism,Museum Studies,National Narratives,Historiography,Transitional justice,Cultural Sociology,Museums and Performativity,History and Memory,Collective memory,Social Memory and Remembrance  
Arjen van der Heide Social Studies of Finance,Economic Sociology,Insurance markets,Science and technology studies,Financial regulation,Sociology of Quantification,Political Economy,Life Insurance,Sociology of Knowledge
Justin Chun-ting Ho The Rise of Hong Kong Nationalism on the Edge of Empires Nationalism and National Identity,Hong Kong,China,Social media,text and data analytics,Computational Social Science,Discourse Analysis,Big data,Big Data Analytics,Big data applied to social sciences,Social network analysis
Lisa Howard Environment,Environmental Sociology,Sustainability,families,Social capital,Gender and parenting,Activism,Queer Theory,Feminist Theory
Rhys Howell Out at sea, out of mind? Understanding social responses to marine energy projects Sustainability,Social Impact Assessment,Marine planning,Community Development,Community energy,Marine energy,Social responses,Renewable energy,Participation
Zhexi Hu Perception of homosexuality (Oregon and Xi'an as two case studies) ethnography,IR and Middle East,gender,Globalization,Rebellion and civil war,Queer Theory,queerphobia,China
Erin Hughes An American Atra? Boundaries of Diasporic Nation-Building Amongst Assyrians and Chaldeans in the United States Iraq and the Middle East,Diaspora,Migration & Transnationalism,Ethnic conflict,Nationalism,Ethnic and Racial Minorities,Statelessness,Boundary theory Chrystal Macmillan Building
No Photo Katie Ion Counter/surveillance & Protest: Watching and being watched at public demonstrations in Britain Qualitative Research Methods,Protest,Protest policing,Surveillance,ethnography,Social movements,Political Sociology,drug policy,intoxication,social change
Lisa Kalayji Collective Relationships & the Emotion Culture of Radical Feminism in Britain, 1983-1991 sociology of emotions,social movements,feminisms and feminist theory,Social theory,cultural studies,textual research methods 4.13
Marios Kampouris The Technological Field: An Alternative Understanding of Technological Transitions Sociology of technology,Innovation,Sustainability,Renewable Energy Systems,orientation and diversification of technological change,transition studies
Canan Nese Karahasan Exhibiting "Turkishness" at a Time of Flux in Turkey: Ethnography of the State Nationalism and National Identity,Secularism,Museums,Turkey,Islam,ethnography
Martina Karels Performing Remembrances of 9/11 Public Memory and Remembrance,Performance,Space,Visual Sociology,Politics of Memory,Qualitative Research Methods,Collaborative Methods,Participatory Methods,Arts-Based Research Methods,Archives Chrystal Macmillan Building
Jaehyun Kim Emotional Sociology,Sociology of Emotions,Intimacy,Love,Marriage and Intimate Relationships,Commercialisation,Emotions as commodities,Qualitative Research Methods,Ethnography
Julius Kob Experimentality of Markets: Natural Disaster Risk Markets, Reinsurance and the Sociology of Catastrophe Modelling Social Studies of Finance,Science and technology studies,Historical sociology,Economic Sociology,ethnography,Reinsurance markets,Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) markets,Catastrophe Modelling,Risk Studies,Financial Markets,Sociology of Knowledge,infrastructure,epistemologies,Uncertainty,Climate change,Experimentation,Non-knowledge,Simulations,Organisation Studies,Anthropocene,sociomaterial disaster Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+49 (0) 172 96 33433
Marta Kowalewska feminisms and feminist theory,Roma activism,Intersectionality,Social movements,Critical methodologies,Nationalism,Critical Romani Studies,Knowledge production,Epistemic justice,Central Eastern Europe,Anti-Roma racism
Kragen, Ko-Kang, Chien actor-network theory,Science & technology studies,Economic Sociology,sociology of food,agro-food studies,Knowledge and practices
Alexandra Scott International and Transgovernmental ​ Anti-Drug Law Enforcement Cooperation along the Northern Trafficking Route Drug Policy,Security Cooperation,The war on drugs,Politics of drugs and trafficking,Transnational Governance,Central Asia,Globalisation,Regionalism,Balance of power Rm 3.16, Crystal MacMillan Building
José Tomás Labarca Sovereign Debt and Economic Policy: A Relational Sociology of Credit Relations Historical sociology,Economic Sociology,Political Sociology,Global political economy,Public Debt,Historical Institutionalism,Latin America,Comparative/Historical Sociology
Aerin Lai Intersectional Masculinities in Postcolonial Singapore Feminism,Decolonisation,Embodiment,Sociology of Gender,Gender and Sexuality,Masculinities
Maggie Laidlaw "Who's got time for that? The timely negotiations of women's civic engagement" Feminism,Participation,creative research methods,poetry,Innovative Research Methods,work and labour,Bodies,participatory research,co-production,volunteering,Women's livelihoods,Community Belonging,Community Development,co-production and collaboration,time and temporality,Social Inequalities in Leisure and Time-Use,Family relationship Rm 4.14 Chrystal Macmillan Building 
No Photo Johannes Langer nationalism,Cultural Racism,Ethnicity & 'race',Populism,Immigration,Forced displacement
Ana Victoria Gaxiola Lazcano The Changing Party System in Mexico (1970-1988) Historical sociology,State building,Political Sociology,Latin America,Civil Society and Democratization,Democracy,Political parties
Sara Stewart - Lindores Women and Sectarianism in Scotland Sectarianism,Intersectionality,Sociology of the family and kinship,Equalities,Community Education,Inter-generational Research,feminist sociology,narrative & biographical methodologies,gender and religion,Whiteness Rm 5.13 
Lillan Lommel gender,women and leadership,feminist identity,discrimination,reflexivity
Cristian Luguzan Political Sociology,social movements,civil society,political ideology,communication technologies,social media
Alexandra Macht Between stoicism and intimacy: The social construction of paternal love Qualitative Research Methods,Adult-child relations/interactions,Sociology of emotion,Gender and parenting,Power,Masculinities,fathers and fatherhood,Identity and class culture Room 3.2 
+44 (0)7570159672
Chloe MacLean Fighting with the senses: Gendered embodiment in karate gender equality,Sociology of Sport,Senses,Martial arts/ Combat Sports,Sensory Ethnography,Qualitative Research Methods,embodiment,gender,relationships
Stergios Magkriotis Livelihoods at the Margins of Humanitarian Aid - The everyday life strategies of refugees in Athens displacement,Refugee Livelihoods,everyday practices,Materiality,Visual Sociology,Human Geography,Ethnography  

Emily Mann Negotiating Gender Identity in the Context of Cultural Reform: a Study of Women in Police Scotland Gender & policing;,Gender & Policing,Police Culture,Criminology,Criminal Justice,Scottish Criminal Justice System,Police,Police Scotland,Ethnography,Feminist Research,Sociology of Gender,Intersectionality,Gender and Development,Feminist Criminology  
Jingyu Mao Using intimacy as a lens on the work and migration experiences of ethnic performers in Southwest China Intimacy,Personal life,Emotions,Contemporary China,Migration,Work,Ethnicity,Gender,Ethnography  
Marie-Eve Hamel Mediated Voices: Nation/State-Building, NGOs and Survivors of Sexual Violence in Postconflict Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide,sexual violence,gender,Community Belonging,relationships
Taylor McConnell Još Hrvatska ni propala: Examining the Public Face of Memory in Croatia Memory abuse,Collective memory,Memory politics,Yugoslavia,Serbia,Croatia,National identity,Identity construction,State building,Othering,Violence,Education,Socialisation processes
Derek Morris Memory,identity,Ideology,Narrative Inquiry,Storytelling and ethnography,discourse analysis,life-writing,Auto/Biography,Documents of Life,Iraq and the Middle East,Masculinities,Identity construction,Identity and Alterity,Collective memory,Storytelling and narrative,Myth and storytelling,militaries,Critical ethnography
Maureen Neckelmann Religious Pluralisation, Civic Society and Social Capital in Chile Social capital,Civic engagement,Sociology of Religion,Secularisation,Religious Identity,Latin American Culture and Society
Meng Hin Ng Potential PhD Topic: Inventing SARs: The Handover Negotiation of Colonial Hong Kong and Macau, 1972-1987. Macau and Hong Kong,Colonialism,Comparative/Historical Sociology,Historical Institutionalism,Peripheral east asia,China Factor,discourse analysis,narrative & auto/biographical methodologies,Metropole-Colony Relations
Joe Noteboom The University of Data: Ethical and Social Futures of Data-Driven Education Higher Education,Higher Education Policy,Data & AI Ethics,Critical Data Studies,Digital Sociology,Digital Education
Jasmiina Social Media,Digital Sociology,Digital Cultures,Selfie Culture,Self,Netnography,Digital Research Methods,Digital Ethnography,Social Networks,Online Communities,Instagram  

Emily Qvist-Baudry Prison Violence in Scotland - The role of Bystander Behaviour in Prison Settings Criminology,Deviance,Crime prevention,Micro sociology,Prison and prison based intervention,Norm diffusion,Social psychology,Research methodology,Visual Data Analysis,Video based data
Dr. Anna Ross Doing Drugs Policy: Narratives, Knowledge and Participation Social Policy,Criminal Justice,Sociology of Drugs,Participatory Methods,Drug Policy
Sarah M. E. Ruggins Building blocks: The innovation and regulation of exchange-traded funds in the United States, 1970 - 2000 Financial Innovation,financial regulation,exchange traded funds,econometrics and econometric theory,performativity,derivative instruments,Financial Markets,Social Studies of Finance Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+44 (0)7541 543776
Nathalia Salamanca Sarmiento “I am who I am because of who I was” – Refiguring childhoods through Colombian former child soldiers’ stories Memory,identity,Narrative Inquiry,Human rights,Childhood and Youth Studies,Contesting childhood -
Anna Schneider The Social Statuses in Later Life: A Study of the Effect of Retirement in Germany today. Socio-cultural change,Quantitative research,Social Exclusion,Historical sociology Chrystal Macmillan Building
Ceren Sengül Varieties of 'Kurdishness' in Turkey: state rhetoric, region, and language ethnicity,Nationalism,Kurds,everyday nationalism
Matea Senkić Cultural Sociology,Performance Theory,Urban Sociology,Tourism,Alternative Tourism,Anti-tourism,Cities,Artivism
Emilia P Sereva Norbert Elias,Process Sociology,Social theory,British funeral industry
Tirion Seymour The Third Sector and the Shaping of Services for Huntington's Disease in Scotland: Organisations, Boundary Work and Expertise Sociology of health and illness,Professional knowledge,Sociology of Organisations,Medical sociology,expertise and interdisciplinarity,Third Sector,Genetics and Society,Scotland,Health policy,collaborative governance and partnerships,UK,Huntington's disease,Public services,Healthcare organisations,Qualitative research methods,ethics and research practices,Patient experiences
Shubhi Sharma Marx,Foucault,Governmentality,Adivasis,India,REDD+,gender,Environmental Sociology G.11 
Malissa Shaw Biotechnologies: Stem Cells and Assisted Reproduction,Gender Theory,Latin American Culture and Society,Political Economy of Health,Substance: Stem Cells,Embryos and other Biogenetic Tissues,Biomedical knowledge(s),practices and technologies,Science & technology studies,Sociology of the body,Embodiment,Agency and coercion Chrystal Macmillan,
Haitao Shi Criminal Justice Policy,Drug Policy in China,Police Culture,Drugs and Crime,Qualitative Research Methods,Discourse Analysis
No Photo I Lin Sin Cultural Capital and Distinction: Malaysian Students and Recent Graduates of UK International Tertiary Education social mobility,higher education,International migration
Esje Stapleton Institutions In/Cognito: The socio-cognitive emergence of agentic intelligence and the basis of phenomenology Philosophy of Mind,Cyborgs,the structure/agency problem,Zombies,Queer Theory,Socially Extended Mind Hypothesis Office 5.13, 5th floor, Chrystal MacMillan Building
Sarah Stopforth The Relationship Between Parental Socio-Economic Position and Children's Educational Outcomes: An Investigation of Cultural Capital and Aspirations Sociology of Education,Social Stratification,Cultural Capital,Quantitative Analysis
Dora Jandric, AFHEA Imagined Futures of Same-sex Couples Ageing,Gender,Sexuality,Qualitative Research Methods,imagined futures,Queer Theory,successful ageing,lifecourse,time and temporality Office 1.09 
Can Tao Learning the nation: A comparative study of the internalisation and reproduction of nationalism in urban and rural high schools in China everyday nationalism,banal nationalism,National Identity,China,Patriotic education,Ethnography
Alva Katharina Traebert HIV/AIDS, Identity and Experiences of LGBT/Queer Community in Scotland, 1980-2000. Gender and Sexuality,Intersectionality,Feminism,Queer Theory,Narrative Inquiry,Human rights
Ben Twist Taking the complexity turn to steer cars off the road: applying complexity theory to put social practice theory into practice Climate change,Cultural Sociology,Sustainability,Environment,Environmental Sociology,Environmental and Social Change,complexity theory,social practice theory Business Centre 2.6, Waverley Court 
+44 (0)131 529 7909
Emel Uzun Living Together and Everyday Encounters: Nationalism Narratives of Ordinary People in Turkey Rm 6.14 
Nuria Lopez Vazquez Food sovereignty in Shan state Myanmar : Rapid agricultural changes and new power dynamics Agriculture and the politics of food,ecofeminism,Environmental Sociology,Feminist Theory,citizen science,qualitative research,Participatory Methods
Amanda Vettini 'Should we be creating Jacks and Jills of all trades in social research?: Assessing responses to breadth and depth in postgraduate social science research methods training.' Research methodology,Higher Education,Innovative Research Methods,Children and Families,Relationship breakdown and divorce,Research Methods Training
Llibert Mendez de Vigo Arnau Food Practices of the New Spanish Immigrant Community in Edinburgh Food Studies,Migration studies,identity,Sociology of Food,Scotland and the EU,Spain,Cultural Capital,Social capital,Pierre Bourdieu,ethnography,Sustainability,Social Justice G.11
Tingting Wan Understanding Small-Holding Households in a Changing Chinese Village Documents of Life,Gender and social change,Narrative Inquiry,Sociological Theory,families and households,Identity formation,Economic Sociology,sociology of emotions,Social Networks,Development studies,Social capital Sociology, School of Social and Political Science
Xiaoqing Wang Semiology,Visual Sociology,Ideology,Critical Theory,Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Sociology of Fashion,Sociology of Art,Visual Methods,Visual Culture,Urban Ethnography,Identities
Jaye Ware Young people's perspectives on gender and sexual diversity in Scottish high schools Youth,Queer Theory,Transgender,school bullying,queerphobia,gender,Sexuality
Katey Warran Communities at the Fringe Cultural Sociology,Arts and Health,Qualitative Research Methods,Sociology of the Arts,Cultural Policy,Performance Science,Ethnography,Community Belonging,Social cohesion
Julie Watson
Zhen Wei Political sociology,Historical sociology,Social theory,Sociology of the body,China,Labour and labour movements  
+44 (0)7421233421
Jean Welstead The role of socio-economic impact assessment in social responses to renewable energy infrastructure Participation,Social movements,Impact Assessment,renewable energy,community engagement,Knowledge production,Cultures of expertise 4.15 
+44 (0) 7963 395416
Emily Wilkinson Veganism,Meat Eating,Happy Meat,Feminism,Intersectionality,Critical Animal Studies,Food Studies,Food
Lauren Wilks domestic work,care,gender,class,social inequality,migration,mobility,commuting,work and labour,precarity,family and personal relationships,gender-based violence,ethnography,qualitative research,social history Room 5.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building 

L.Wilks @
Mengyao Yuan Political imaginary presented by online narratives Social media,Political identities and citizenship
Andreas Zaunseder Work and Citizenship: a Multi-Sited Ethnography of Labour, Political Engagement and the Construction of Meaningful Work in Scottish Worker Co-operatives’ (working title) Historical sociology,political theory,Social theory,Economic Sociology,Political Sociology,alternative festivals and collective joy,workers co-operatives,alternatives to capitalism,Sociology of Sustainability, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable Development;
Luca Zazzi Sociology,Social Theory,Philosophy,Metaphysics,Aesthetics,Philosophy of Society,Pataphysics 3.13
Nicolas Zehner Planning for Uncertain Futures: Materialising Urban Visions in Edinburgh (working title) cities,urban sociology,Economic Sociology,Imagination,expectations,Sociology of expectations and futures,Dynamics of capitalism,Urban Ethnography,political economy of urban design,economic sociology of imagination,data-driven innovation,sociology of scientific knowledge,Science and technology studies,sociotechnical imaginaries
Dominik Zelinsky Social theory,Cultural Sociology,Communism,Central Eastern Europe,Dissent,Semiotics,Literary Theory,Comparative/Historical Sociology,Hermeneutics,Historical sociology,Sociology of Knowledge,Sociology of Religion,Sociology of Art
Mariah Jade Zimpfer Identity and Marginalization in Contemporary Appalachia Ethnicity and culture,Appalachia,the American South,ethnography,Social Impact Assessment,Program Evaluation,Historical sociology,Bridging and bonding,Artifact Ethnography,Social capital