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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Dora Jandric

Dora Jandric
Dora Jandric
Sociology School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Ageing, Gender, Sexuality, Qualitative Research Methods, imagined futures

PhD Title

Imagined Futures of Same-sex Couples

Thesis overview

This research investigates how older same-sex couples imagine their future. The significance of this research goes beyond the theoretical contributions it will make to the areas of ageing and sexuality studies. It also holds practical contributions that can be applied in policymaking concerning better treatment and accommodation for the older non-heterosexual population in Scotland. The main research questions this research will address are: (1) How do older same-sex couples imagine their future? (2) What challenges to they imagine when thinking about their future? And (3) How are their expectations framed by the normativity of heterosexuality? The research will take a qualitative approach, using personal representations (drawings, written pieces, audio and video recordings) of couples' imagined futures and semi-structured interviews to gain a fuller picture of how these futures are represented and imagined. The research participants will be same-sex couples older than 55 who live in Scotland, which was chosen because of the legal status of same-sex couples after the 2014 Marriage and Civil Partnership Act and a rich network of relevant Scottish NGOs which will provide important information on later life available to at least a part of the older non-heterosexual population. The theoretical framework will be based on the sociological concepts of imagined futures and  by Barbara Adam.  The way in which same-sex couples imagine their future will enable us to read literature on heterosexual older age with a better recognition and a more nuanced understanding of the intersection of age, gender and sexuality. It will also provide a deeper understanding on how individuals and couples deal with the temporal and imagined aspects of their lives.


Professor Lynn Jamieson

Dr Julie Bronwlie

Professor Wendy Loretto


  • MA British Literature, University of Zagreb
  • MA Portuguese Language and Literature, University of Zagreb
  • BA English Language and Literature, University of Zagreb
  • BA Portuguese Language and Literature, University of Zagreb


Tadic, D. (2017). Book Review: Virpi Timonen (2016). Beyond Successful and Active Ageing: A Theory of Model Ageing. Bristol, UK: Policy Press, 119 pp. ISBN 978 1 4473 30172 (hardback). International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, Advance Access.

Tadic, D. (2016). Book Review: Ulla Kriebernegg, Roberta Maierhofer, Barabara Ratzenbröck (eds.) (2014). Alive and Kicking at All Ages: Cultural Constructions of Health and Life Course Identity. Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript Verlag, 324 pp. ISBN: 978 3 8376 2582 0 (paperback). International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, 10(2), 99-101

Additional education

  • COST Action IS1402 Training School, Norrköping, Sweden (2017)
    • Theory and Methods in Research on Ageism and Age-discrimination
    • Thematic areas: Defining the concept: Theories of ageism and age discrimination; Research approaches on ageism and age discrimination; Tools for targeting ageism and age discrimination
  • COST Action IS1409 Training School, Lausanne, Switzerland (2016)
    • Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in western countries: The state of the Art
    • Thematic areas: Doing and writing up a systematic review, by Almuth McDowall; Social gerontology approaches to extended working life, by Chris Phillipson; Ageing/gender inequalities, by Sarah Vickerstaff
  • Graz International Summer School Seggau (2013), University of Graz, Graz (Austria)
    • Seminar module: Cultural Narratives of Longevity. Alive and Kicking at All Ages? Cultural Construction of Age and Identity in North American Fiction held by Assistant Professor Ulla Kriebernegg, Mag Dr Phil, University of Graz The Making and Unmaking of Ageing Identities held by Professor Stephen Katz, Phd, Trent Univeristy, Canada.
  • Scottish Universities' International Summer School (2010), University of Eniburgh, Edinburgh, (United Kingdom). 
    • Scottish literature from 1900 to the present; Contemporary British literature. 


  • 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association: (Un)Making Europe: Capitalims, Solidarities, Subjectivities (2017), Athens, Greece: "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst" – Same-sex Couples’ Imagined Futures
  • AgingGraz: Cultural Narratives, Processes & Strategies in Representations of Age and Aging (2017), University of Graz, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria: "I think in many respects we’re just like another couple who are heterosexual" - Imagined futures of same-sex couples
  • Aging and Society: Sixth Interdisciplinary Conference, Aging, Life-course, and Social Change (2016), Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden: Imagined Futures of Same-sex Couples
  • New Directions (2016), Sociology Department, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland: The Theoretical framework of 'Imagined Futures of Same-sex Couples'
  • Interdisciplinary Colloquium Dracula and the Gothic in Literature, Pop Culture and the Arts (2012), University of Minho, Braga, Portugal: Realizations of the Wilderness Gothic in Charles Brockden Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Harriet Prescott Spofford

Work experience

  • Undergraduate tutor on Sociology 1a and Sociology 1b at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • English teacher at Trilibris d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia. Postion included: lecturing, exam and essay marking, exam preparations, oral examinations and supervision
  • Translation from Croatian into English (;
  • Transcription of interviews (Croatian, English)