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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


İdil Galip

İdil Galip
İdil Galip
Sociology School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK EH8 9NT
+44 (0) 7732 425 410
Research Interests
Digital culture, Digital Sociology, digital research, new media, Algorithmic Culture, Everyday Life, Social media and internet technologies, Political participation, digital citizenship, Comedy and Humour, Reddit, Social Networks

PhD Title

The Memeing of Politics: A Genealogy of Online Political Humour


Dr. Kate Orton-Johnson

Dr. Karen Gregory

Previous Research

“The more repressive the regime, the more numerous the political jokes.”                              Alan Dundes, 1971.      

In my master’s dissertation titled Dangerous Words: Digital Citizenship and Censorship in Turkey, I explored how users within the Turkish cyberspace utilised subversive online humour to engage in political dissent. I adopted a netnographic data collection method for this study, focusing primarily on the case of Dangerous Turkish Minds.  

I was supervised by Dr. Liene Ozoliņa.


Karakayali, Nedim, Kostem Burc and Galip, Idil. “Recommendation systems as technologies of the self: Algorithmic control and the formation of music taste”, Theory, Culture and Society. Volume: 35 issue: 2, page(s): 3-24. 2017.


“Dangerous Words: Online Citizenship and Censorship in Turkey”

Bilkent University, POLS Talks Seminar Series.

December 5th 2017, Ankara - Turkey. 


Master of Science in Political Sociology

London School of Economics, UK. 2016-2017.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Certificate in Philosophy

Bilkent University, Turkey. 2012-2016.

Non-Academic Interests

I enjoy writing poetry and short stories. 

East, West, Hodja, So-Fi Zine page(s): 32-4.

At Barrio, Dog-Ear Magazine.