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It is through always already being with others that we are able to make sense of our world and understand the complexities of information. Through discussion and interaction that we are able to break down information and understand it. Working things out in communities of peers with mutual concerns, interests and differences is how individuals try out their ideas and get reactions to them. Women’s collectives within communities have historically been a way of educating, learning and socialising, and it is often in these group settings that experiences are shared and new knowledge formed (Shafiry-Funk, 2008)

Investigating the ways that female ‘volunteers’ manage and experience the various dimensions of temporalities within their leisure, rest, family time, and paid and unpaid working lives may uncover how we consider, or overlook concerns about difference, lifestyle, power, and control within communities......
Shafiry-Funk, M. (2008). Encountering The Transnational: Women,            Islam and the Politics of Interpretation. UK: Ashgate Publishing.