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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Shruti Chaudhry

Shruti Chaudhry
Shruti Chaudhry
Sociology School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK

PhD Title

Lived- Experiences of Marriage: Regional and Cross-Regional Brides in Rural North India


PhD Sociology (University of Edinburgh, 2016)

MPhil Sociology (Delhi University, 2008)

MA Sociology (Delhi University, 2005)

BA Hons Sociology (Delhi University, 2003)

Research Interests

Family, Marriage and Intimate Relationships

Migration and Development

Poverty and Social Inequalities

Gender-based violence

Everyday life



South Asia, India


Since August 2017, I have been teaching at the School of Divinity offering courses on the Sociology and Anthropology of religion. I have guest lectured and tutored on a number of courses in the School of Social and Political Science that include: Gender and Development, Sociology and Global Change, Sociology 2B: Researching Social Life and South Asia: Culture, Politics and Economy.


Based on ethnographic fieldwork in a village in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, my doctoral research compared the post-marital experiences of women in what I term regional marriages (that conform to caste and community norms with a relatively small marriage distance) with those in cross-regional marriages (those that cross caste/religious, linguistic and state boundaries and entail long-distance migration). Cross-regional marriages result from two sets of factors - at source, mainly poverty and at destination, masculine sex ratios and the difficulties some men have in achieving 'eligibility' for marriage. The research explored the process of negotiation entailed in making a marriage, the payments involved and the rituals that make a marriage 'legitimate'. It focused on women's relationships with their husbands, other women, children and natal kin and interrogates how these are lived out and transformed in everyday practice and over the life-course in a context of caste and gender inequalities and poverty. I am currently working on a manuscript based on my doctoral work. 

Manuscript in Preparation

Crossing Borders for Marriage: Women, Intimacy and Everyday Life in Rural North India


Book Chapter

2017. 'Now it is difficult to Get Married': Contextualising Cross-Regional Marriage and Bachelorhood in a North Indian Village, in Sharada Srinivasan and Shuzhuo Li (eds.). Scarce Women and Surplus Men in China and India: Macro Demographics versus Local Dynamics. Springer.

Journal Articles

2018 (in press).  'For how long can your piharwale intervene?' Accessing Natal kin support in rural north India. Modern Asian Studies. 

2018 (in press). 'Flexible' caste boundaries: Cross-regional marriage as 'mixed' marriage in rural north India. Contemporary South Asia.

2011 with Devi Mohan, Taneesha. ‘Of Marriage and Migration: Bengali and Bihari Brides in a U.P. Village’. Indian Journal of Gender Studies 18 (3): 311-340.

Book Reviews

‘With Respect to Sex: Negotiating Hijra Identity in South India’. Gayatri Reddy. In Indian Journal of Gender Studies 17 (3). (September-December, 2010).

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‘Marriage, Love, Caste and Kinship Support: Lived Experiences of the Urban Poor in India’. Shalini Grover. In Sociology 47 (1). (February 2013)

Annotated Bibliography

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