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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Graduate School Board of Studies

Meeting dates 2018-19

  • Weds  26th September 2018 - Practice Suite
  •  Weds 7th of November 2018 - staff room (meeting starts at 3pm)
  • Weds 27th  of February 2019- staff room 
  • Wednesday 1st of May 2019 - staff room 

Papers are due to be sent to two weeks in advance.  

All meetings start at 2.15pm and take place in the 6th floor staff room, CMB. 

Core Membership 2017 (under review)

  • Dr Daniel Clegg (Director of the Graduate School)
  • Dr Elke Heins (Deputy Director of the Graduate School, PGR)
  • Dr Carmen Gebhard (Deputy Director of the Graduate School, PGT)
  • Ms Toni Dismore (Graduate School Administrative Officer)

PG Advisers

  • Dr Andrew Bowman(African Studies PGA)
  • Dr Wilfried Swenden (South Asian Studies PGA)
  • Dr Ewan Stein (Politics and International Relations PGA) (admissions: Dr Shaun Bevan)
  • Dr Gary Clapton (Social Work PGA)
  • Dr Angus Bancroft (Sociology PGA) (admissions: Dr Julie Brownlie)
  • Professor Richard Freeman(Social Policy PGA)
  • Dr Mark Hellowell (Global Public Health Unit PGA)
  • Prof. Robin Williams (STIS PGA) (admissions: Dr Fadhila Mazanderani)
  • Dr Casey High (Social Anthropology PG) (admissions: Dr Jamie Furniss)

Programme Directors

  • Dr Zoe Marks (African Studies PD)
  • Dr Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (MSc Africa and International Development PD)
  • Dr Jeevan Sharma (MSc International Development PD - from August 2016)
  • Dr George Palattiyil (MSc Social Work PD - from August 2016)
  • Dr Carmen Gebhard (MSc IEP PD) S2 2017: Prof. John Peterson
  • Dr Mathias Thaler (MSc International Political Theory PD)
  • Dr Andrew Neal (MSc International Relations PD)
  • Dr Elizabeth Cripps (Global Environment, Policy and Society 
  • Prof. Richard Freeman (MPP PD)
  • Dr Jimmy Kennedy (MSc Nationalism Studies PD) 
  • Dr Hazel Gray (MSc Global Challenges ODL, PG Cert Africa and Int. Development ODL PD)
  • Dr Jean-Benoit Falisse ODL MSc in International Development PD
  • Dr Jay Wiggan  (MSc Comparative Public Policy, MSc Policy Studies, PD)
  • Dr Kay Tisdall (MSc Childhood Studies PD)
  • Dr Daniel Kenealy (MSc Social Research PD) 
  • Dr GIl Viry and Dr M. Angélica Thumala  (MSc Sociology and Global Change PDs)
  • Dr Lucy Lowe (MSc Medical Anthropology PD)
  • Dr Dimitiri Tsintjilonis (MSc Social Anthropology PD)
  • Dr Gian Marco Campagnolo (PG Cert Making Use of Digital Research PD
  • Dr Anuj Kapilashrami (MSc in Global Health Policy PD)
  • Dr Sudeepa Abeysinghe (MSc in Health Policy PD)
  • Dr Andrea Birdsall (MSc Global Crime, Justice and Security PD) with Dr Andy Aitchison, Law School
  • Dr Jamie Allinson (IRME and IRMEwA)
  • Dr Farah Huzair (MSc BIG PD)
  • Dr Pablo Schyfter Camacho (MSc SaTis PD - from August 2016)
  • Dr Bill Whyte (PG Cert Advanced Professional Studies PD)
  • Dr Niall Anderson (External Representative, MVM)

Student representation

We also invite one TAUGHT and one RESEARCH student to attend.

The Secretary to the Board of Studies is Cristyn King,


New Courses – guidance on what is needed when proposing a new course.

New Programmes – guidance on what is needed when proposing a new MSc programme, including documents, timescales, advice, and the approvals process.

New courses, new Programmes, and amendments to existing courses (including changes to assessment) and Programmes must go to the Board of Studies for approval. 

If you are planning substantial changes to an existing MSc programme or course - including renaming it - some or all of the documentation described in the links above may be required; please check with the Graduate School Administrative Officer (Toni Dismore) or the Secretary (Cristyn King)

Agendas, Papers & Minutes

Agendas, papers and minutes of Board meetings are available on the relevant page: