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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Student Representatives

There is an extensive system of student representation in place to ensure students get to have their say at programme, School and University level (see also flowchart).

Programme level representation

Each taught MSc programme and PG research subject area appoint one or more student representatives (usually during Welcome Week), who convey students' views to the Programme Directors (for MSc programmes) and Postgraduate Advisors (for PhD students) throughout the year. Student reps also participate in various meetings within the School to represent the views and opinions of their fellow students.

As a Programme Rep within SPS, and to have the role recorded on your HEAR certificate, your responsibilities will be to: 

  • undertake the training offered by EUSA

  • actively work with the support of EUSA and the Subject Areas to gather feedback, thoughts and ideas from the students they represent

  • attend and actively contribute to Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings (two per academic year)

  • attend and actively contribute to a School-level student rep meeting which will occur annually

  • close the 'feedback loop' by letting the students you represent know how their feedback was communicated in the SSLCs, what resolutions and recommendations emerged in relation to this feedback, and any actions taken in reference to these. 

We also require two reps (ONE Postgraduate Taught rep and ONE Postgraduate Research rep to attend the PG Committee on behalf of all reps.  We will ask for volunteers close to the meeting date. See the list of 2019-20 programme representatives for the names and contact details of your reps.

Dates and times for all meetings are on the relevant webpages above; they are also circulated by email, along with any papers to be discussed.

School level representation

Each School at the University elects three School Representatives in the Edinburgh University Student Union (EUSA) elections – a School Convenor, a PG Vice Convenor and a UG Vice Convenor. Both PGT and PGR students are eligible for these first two positions. The role of the School Convenor is to represent the needs and interests of all students in the School, at all years of study, whilst the Postgraduate Vice Convenor has particular responsibility for ensuring that the needs of all postgrads in the School (both PGT and PGR) are effectively represented. Students can stand for either of these positions in the By-Election in October. Read more here.

University level representation

The EUSA also elects a Postgrad Convenor who represents all PG students at the University. This student convenes the PG Group, which is a committee where PG School Reps and Class Reps can attend to work together on issues affecting postgrads across the University. All elected reps will find out more information about these meetings throughout the year.

Read more about Representation in the Edinburgh University Students' Association section of the Graduate School website.

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