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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Contact Information

About us

The Graduate School of Social and Political Science is an interdisciplinary hub providing advanced postgraduate education and training in the social sciences. It forms the postgraduate division of the School of Social and Political Science. The Graduate School has two Deputy Directors who are responsible for Taught Masters programmes (Dr Stefan Ecks) and Research degrees (Dr Steve Kirkwood) .

Contact Details

The Graduate School Office is normally open 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday. A limited number of staff are on-campus at present, so please email in the first instance.

For general enquiries please email:

phone: +44 (0)131 651 5122 

For taught student queries please email:

For student support enquiries:

For research student queries:

For admissions enquires, including how to apply, please email:

Student Support Team

Our PGT Student Support Officers (SSOs) can support and advise students on a range of matters affecting their studies.  They have tesponsibility for supporting students with special circumstances applications, preparing programme handbooks, updating degree programme tables, Concessions (Leaves of Absence,  Withdrawals and Extensions), support student engagement, and providing support for Progression and Awarding Boards of Examiners.

Kasia Mazurkiewicz  is the student support officer for:

  • Global Environment, Politics and Society
  • International and European Politics 
  • International Relations 
  • International Relations of the Middle East
  • International Relations of the Middle East with Advanced Arabic  
  • International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic 
  • Science and Technology in Society 
  • Comparative Public Policy
  • Global Health Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Public Policy

Noureen Ehsan is the student support officer for:

  • Africa and International Development
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Social Anthropology
  • Social Research
  • Advanced Social Work (Mental Health Officer Award)
  • Global Mental Health and Society
  • Master of Social Work
  • Digital Society
  • Sociology and Global Change

MSc (Taught and Research) on-campus students

MSc (Taught) and MSc (by Research) students can also contact their Course Administrator:

Gillian MacDonald (tel 0131 651 3244) is team leader of the PG Taught Support Team (taught courses). The team is responsible for course administration which extends administration in the following areas: Assessments, Boards of Examiners, Course Enrolments, Course Handbooks, Timetabling, Course creation and amendments, student administration,  matriculation, online learning support.

General enquiries are covered by Emma Lawson,  who supports the Postgraduate team generally and can assist with

Each team member has responsibility for courses clustered within programmes:

Gillian is the administrator of the courses for following programme:

  • MSc Digital Society 

Casey Behringer (0131 650 2456):

  • MSc Global Environment, Politics, and Society
  • MSc International and European Politics
  • MSc International Development
  • MSc International Relations
  • MSc International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic/Advanced Arabic
  • MSc International Relations of the Middle East

Julia Jaworska (0131 651 1659):

  • PG Advanced Social Work (MHO)
  • MSc Africa and International Development
  • MSc Medical Anthropology
  • MSc Social Anthropology

Dave Nicol (0131 651 1659):

  • MSc Global Mental Health and Societ
  • Master of Social Work
  • MSc Science and Technology in Society
  • MSc Sociology and Global Change

Cath Thompson (0131 651 1659): 
  • MSc Comparative Public Policy
  • MSc Global Health Policy
  • MSc Health Policy
  • MSc Public Policy
  • MSc Social Research

Online Learning Students

Maria Brichs (0131 651 3201) is the Online Learning Programmes  Administrator for the following programmes: 

  • MSc Global Challenges
  • MSc Global Health Policy
  • MSc International Development
  • PG Certificate in Global Development Challenges

Policy, Procedures & Community

Cristyn King is the Graduate School’s Policy and Procedures Secretary.  She supports our PG Boards of Studies and Committees, Quality assurance, Student feedback initiatives and surveys, organises social events such as graduation reception and supports our student reps.

PhD students 

Please email  or call  0131 651 5070

Toni Jenkins is the Postgraduate Research Support Officer . Toni can be contacted on 0131 651 5070.  She is supported by Anne Brechin.

Postgraduate Admissions in SPS

For general questions about postgraduate admissions, including how to apply:


  • Elaine Khennouf - Acting Postgraduate Admissions Officer.
  • Michael Salisbury  - Postgraduate Admissions Administrator. 
  • Uxia Lorenzo - Postgraduate Admissions Secretary. 
  • Tania Babaskina Postgraduate Admissions Secretary. 
  • Vacant - Postgraduate Admissions Secretary.

The PG Admissions team is responsible for admissions adminsitration which includes Applications processing, applying selection criteria, supporting admissions selectors dealing with applicant queries and visiting PG student administration.

Student Development Office

The SPS Student Development Office delivers skills training, career development, placement opportunities and knowledge exchange for students on both taught and research programmes.

To find out more about the workshops and placement-based dissertations you can either drop by their office or visit the Student Development Office web pages.

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