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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Computing Facilities

Information on the following computing facilties can be found below. The facilties are available to all SPS postgraduate students unless otherwise stated.

Main University Library in George Square

As well as the standard library facilities, the Main Library includes a café, open-access computer labs, café PCs, and group study pods.

University computer labs

There are a number of open-access computer labs provided by the University, across the various campuses. Information on these can be found at:

SSPS Microlabs

Located in rooms B.03/B.04 (basement)  (for all SSPS students, both undergraduate and postgraduate). Note that although these may be used by students outside teaching hours; they are sometimes booked for classes during teaching hours. The microlabs are accessed using your university card and pin number. They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Food and drink (other than water in a closed container) is not allowed in the labs. Please use the common room (1.15) which has kitchen facilities.

Logging On

Log on to the computers using your matriculation number and associated password issued during matriculation. Remember to log off when you are finished.

Computer Familiarisation

Computer drop-in clinics will be run in induction week; if further clinics/courses run during the year, you will be alerted, via e-mail, by the Graduate School.

Data Storage

It is recommended that you use your network space to save files. You access this file space from any lab computer on campus. We advise you not to rely on memory sticks or hard disks as your sole medium of storage. Damage to either may lead to work being irretrievably lost, and we are not permitted by the University to make allowances for this.


Access to e-mail is provided through MyEd. You will have an e-mail address of the form: matriculation A ‘friendly’ alias also exists, normally: first

Please check your University e-mail frequently, because this is how we contact you. Set up any other e-mail accounts you may have so that messages are automatically directed to them from your University student address. When a message is sent to your University e-mail address, it will be assumed that you have received and will read it. If your student email address is not working, please contact as it is our primary method of contact with you.

IT Support

IT support is available via or the Help Desk in room B.07, Chrystal Macmillan Building. More information is available here.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

There are various printers and copiers located throughout the Chrystal Macmillan Building. For information on how to print, copy and scan please go to: To access a secure printing link from your laptop please use this link:

Please print responsibly – store important information electronically where possible and print only when absolutely necessary. As a School we are committed to reducing our burden on the environment and are increasingly moving towards a paperless environment.

Masters (taught and research) students

Printing is free for taught SSPS postgraduate students. However, we would expect a reasonable limit to be the equivalent to 500 black and white single - sided A4 pages. We reserve the right to remove printing allowance from anyone who abuses their printing allowance. Please print responsibly - store important information electronically where possible and print only when absolutely necessary.

PhD students

All SSPS PhD students are given unlimited printing in the Chrystal Macmillan Building.

Laptop Loan Scheme - only available to SPS PhD students

The School is delighted to be able to offer PhD students a laptop loan for the duration of their programme of study. Laptops can be requested from the Graduate School Office Reception in person, or by email: The laptops need to be built and encrypted prior to being allocated; the request should therefore be made one month in advance.

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