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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Shared PhD offices


SSPS PhD students are eligible for consideration for an allocated desk in the following years of PhD study:

  • Full time PhD students are eligible during their 3rd and 4th years of PhD study.
  • Part time PhD students are eligible from their 5th year of PhD study
  • Students who undertook an MScR at SSPS directly prior to starting their PhD will be eligible during their 2nd year of full time PhD study


As far as is possible shared offices will be provided for those students who need and are eligible; until submission of the PhD thesis or until the end of the maximum period, whichever is sooner. Priority on office space will be given to students within their maximum period of study. However, where possible, office space will be provided for students in a University approved extension period and those requiring major corrections to their thesis. Where availability allows, students in their 2nd year (FTE) of PhD study may be provided with allocated desk space, if not otherwise eligible.

Terms & Conditions of use of PhD offices can be found here.

Desk allocations and changes

Please ensure you follow these instructions.

Requests for desk allocations and changes between offices must be submitted here.

  • Desks are allocated on request according to availability.
  • Desk allocation changes within an office can be arranged by emailing

Note - please do not exchange desks or keys with other students. All changes or requests must be managed via the instructions above, and room and drawer keys must be handed back to SPS Facilities (Room B.07, CMB) when requested.

When submitting your request, please include relevant information in the Additional Info area. This may include that you have a Schedule of Adjustment, mobility issues, your preference to be near washroom or kitchen facilities, your preference to be in an office with peers from your Subject Area, or the date you will require your desk again on returning from fieldwork or an Interruption of Studies.

We will action desk requests on a weekly basis and you will receive email confirmation that you have either been allocated a desk, added to the waiting list, or are currently ineligible for a desk as per the Terms and Conditions.  

Notice to Vacate

Leave of Absence, Interruption of Studies, Thesis Submission

Students taking more than 3 months’ Leave of Absence or Interruption of Studies will, if possible, remove any items from the office and return their key to the SPS Facilities (Room B.07). If this is not possible for reasons beyond the student’s control, they agree to their belongings being moved into storage and a key allocated to another student.

If eligible, students will be reallocated a desk upon return.  Students are requested to keep the GSO informed of their return dates; if they do not, they may have to wait for space to become available.

Students who have submitted their thesis will be requested to vacate their allocated desk so that those on the waiting list may be allocated a desk. Students awaiting their Viva have full access to the West Wing hot desk facilities (3.18 and 3.19 of the William Robertson Wing) if a desk is still required. If the Viva outcome is Major Corrections or Resubmission, the student may re-apply for a desk to be allocated.

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