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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Claiming RTSG funds

ESRC-funded students receive a Research Training Support Grant (RTSG). This allowance is intended to be used to pay for expenses which the student/supervisor/School deem to be in direct support of the student's research.

The ESRC RTSG is public money, which the University is charged with managing. The policy outlined below is designed to allow students to make the maximum use of the RTSG. It will ensure that there is minimal duplication with resources that can be provided by the School or University, and that students who purchase computer equipment can receive support from the School Computing Service. It supplements the ESRC guidelines in the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide.

When planning expenditure, students should bear in mind that some forms of expenditure may be higher in the second half of their PhD, e.g. fieldwork, or there may be more conferences at which they wish to present.

The following links provide information on the policies and procedures relating to the RTSG funds.

  • Policies on expenditure, including: general criteria and examples of types of expenditure which are likely to be approved, are only approved in exceptional circumstances, and will not be approved.
  • Procedures on expenditure, including: what to do before incurring expenditure and after incurring expenditure.

RTSG funds are paid by the ESRC, but held and administered by the Graduate School.  Before incurring any expenditure, students must apply for the RTSG monies.  The application is submitted to the Graduate School Director PGR (via the Graduate School Office) for approval BEFORE incurring any expenditure, and, if approved, the student can then claim the expenses back.


Please do NOT submit your approval form and your claim form at the same time.

Failure to follow this procedure may result in your claim being delayed.

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