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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Choosing Courses

Students can check via MyEd which courses they have been signed up for. Please note that complete course records may not be visible until the start of week 2.  Please email with queries. 

Based on the pre-enrolment information gathered in this process, the Graduate School Office will seek to ensure students are given their first or second course choices. However, due to high demand, students might at times not be given a place on a course of their preference.

Course choices made at this stage are by no means final for students. Should they decide to change any of their optional courses, for instance, after talking to their Programme Director during Welcome Week, then this will be possible until the end of the second week of the semester. In doing so, however, students will have to expect that some popular course options might be unavailable by that point.  

Normally, MSc students take 60 credits in semester 1 and 60 credits in semester 2. In exceptional circumstances, and with their Programme Director’s agreement, it may be possible to change this weighting (i.e. take 40 credits in one semester and 80 in another).

Students are encouraged to use the PATH tool to view their course options, plan their timetable and check for potential clashes. Please note, however, that PATH does NOT register students for courses.

Course Changes

  • You may request a change of course once per semester.
  • Course changes are subject to availability and Course Organiser approval.
  • If you would like to take a course that is not listed on your programme, approval from your Programme Director, the Course Organiser and Course Secretary is required.  All three approvals should be sent to
  • Course change requests can be made up to Week 2 of the semester in which the course is taught.
  • The deadline for Semester 2 course change requests is 12 Noon Wednesday 22 January 2020.

The Semester 2 course change request form can be accessed here from Monday 9 December 2019.

Auditing Courses

MSc students may be able to 'audit' the equivalent of one 20 credit course per semester, in addition to their standard requirement of 120 credits.  Auditing means that students sit in on a course they are interested in without being formally assessed for their performance. Audited courses appear on the final transcript as "class only" and do not incur any course credits.

Auditing is at the discretion and by approval of the Course Organiser  and some courses might not accept auditing students, for example, if the course is already full. Some may only allow auditing students to attend lectures, while others may expect them to play a full role in seminar discussions. It is each student’s own responsibility to contact course organisers before signing up for their course to clarify whether auditing it is possible and under what circumstances.

Requests to audit should be added to a Course Change Form and the word "AUDIT" should be clearly marked under the credits column.

Students wishing to audit a course must follow this process:

1) Student sends email to relevant  Course Organiser requesting permission to audit course.

2) Student sends email to their Programme Director requesting permission to audit course.

3) Once approval has been received via email from both the Course Organiser and the Programme Director, the student must attach both emails to the Course Change Form.

4) Once received, the PG Support team will update the student record accordingly.

5) The course will appear on student record as "class only".

Please note, it is students’ own responsibility to check their course record on MyEd to ensure that they are signed up in the correct study mode for each course.

Please also note, a request to audit a course may be accepted provisionally, but may be withdrawn if that place is needed by a student taking the course for credit.

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