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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Postgraduate Extensions

Important Information

Please complete the online form to make an extension request. 

We are experiencing some problems with the online form. If you are unable to submit it, please send an email to with  "Extension" on the Subject line and the following information:  Name, UUN,  Course, Assignment  and Submission Date, Reason for the request. Please attach supporting documents if relevant.

Students should ensure that all fields are complete and that they enter their University email address, as it acts as a verification mechanism for the School. Only addresses ending in can count as verification of your identity.

All submissions will receive a pop up notification. Should this not be viewed, this may indicate an error during submission, in which case we recommend re-submitting. Failure to complete the process in full may result in the request not being assessed.

Students must submit a separate request for each course in which an extension is required.

Ensure that as much detail as possible is entered into the ‘Reason for request’ box. One word explanations will not be accepted.

Additional Guidance

Students are welcome to discuss any issues affecting their studies with their Programme Director/Personal Tutor prior to submission. However, all extension request decisions for Graduate School  programmes are made by Senior Academics within the Graduate School  and any informal advice from any other member of staff does not equate to a final decision. All extension requests must use the formal submission process. Based on the rationale for extension, the GSO may contact you for further information.

Learning Profiles

Students with a Learning Profile from the Disability Service allowing for potential flexibility over deadlines must still make a formal extension request for such flexibility to be taken into account.


Extension requests should normally be made no more than two weeks prior to the deadline,  must indicate the duration of the extension request and be submitted at least 24 hours before the submission deadline. 

The duration requested should reflect calendar days in line with how the lateness penalty is calculated, e.g. if a deadline is Thursday and students wish to submit on Monday that would equate to 4 calendar days.

The maximum duration that can be approved by the Graduate School Director is 7 days as per the University's Taught Assessment Regulations. 

The outcome of the request will normally be communicated to the student within 48 hours (2 working days).

Special Circumstances

If you have a valid reason and require more than 7 days then you should submit your coursework as soon as you are able and apply for Special Circumstances to waive the penalties for late submission. Please note that Special Circumstances will not be considered until the next Special Circumstances Committee. You should also contact your Personal Tutor / Programme Director and make them aware of your situation.

Extensions cannot be granted after a deadline has passed, and instead, special circumstances need to be submitted. Students should complete a Special Circumstances form in consultation with their Personal Tutor, Programme Director  ensuring that they provide sufficient supporting documentation from independent professionals, ideally obtained at the time of the circumstances.

In the instance where a deadline falls on a Monday, for extension requests received over the weekend, the office will not be able to respond within the 2 working days in advance of the deadline and this may result in the Special Circumstance process having to be followed to cover late submission.


All requests are treated as confidential and the data you submit is shared only with the members of staff deciding on the request.

Acceptable Reasons

Good reasons for coursework extensions are unexpected short-term circumstances which are exceptional for the individual student, beyond that student’s control, and which could reasonably be expected to have had an adverse impact on the student’s ability to complete the assessment on time.

A list of acceptable and unacceptable reasons for coursework extensions can be found here.

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