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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Special Circumstances

If you think you have a Special Circumstances case, please discuss it with your Student Support Officer or Programme Director/Personal Tutor as soon as possible and not more than a week after your final assessment.

Occasionally, a special circumstance such as illness, bereavement or another serious personal problem may have an adverse effect on your coursework. You may then request, via your Personal Tutor or Programme Director, that such special circumstances are taken into consideration by the Board of Examiners when assessing your work.

Students should complete a Special Circumstances form in consultation with their Student Support Officer or Personal Tutor/Programme Director ensuring that they provide sufficient supporting documentation from independent professionals, ideally obtained at the time of the circumstances. The form should then be sent to the relevant student support officer. See our contacts page for details of student support officer for your programme. The deadline for submission of Special Circumstances form for Semester 1 is 14th January 2020.

In SPS, the Special Circumstances Committee meets ahead of the Board of Examiners, and considers each case.  A recommendation is then agreed for each case.

During the Board of Examiners, the marks are first confirmed, without discussing any special circumstances.  After that, the Special Circumstances Committee's recommendations are considered. If the Board agrees that the Special Circumstances affected the student's performance,  they may decide on one of the actions outlined in the University's Special Circumstances Policy

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