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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Course Selection

New students on SPS postgraduate taught (MSc programmes) have the opportunity to select elective courses before they arrive. You will be sent an email with instructions and a link to your course selection form. (N.B. Your offer must be unconditional firm to be eligible for course pre-selection). 

Before you choose your courses we recommend that you visit the University's visual course selection and programme builder tool, PATHand use the Programme Builder tool where you can read course descriptions (and try to avoid timetable clashes).  Additional programme-specific guidance can be found below - please make sure you read this fully.

The course selection form will be open from Monday 10th September until Friday 14th September. You can only complete the form once, so take your time.  The courses you are enrolled on will appear in your MyEd - don’t worry if not all of your electives appear at the same time. We will get in touch with you if there is an issue with your selection.

Please check your student email account for a link to the course selection form.

Further information  can be found here.

Programme Course Selection Guidance
Africa & International Development (AID) MSc AID - Course Selection 2018
African Studies MSc African Studies - Course Selection 2018
Childhood Studies MSc Childhood Studies - Course Selection 2018
Comparative Public Policy MSc Comparative Public Policy - Course Selection 2018
Digital Society MSc Digital Society - Course Selection 2018
Global Environment, Politics & Society (GEPS) MSc GEPS - Course Selection 2018
Global Health Policy MSc Global Health Policy - Course Selection 2018
Health Policy MSc Health Policy - Course Selection 2018
International & European Politics MSc International & European Politics - Course Selection 2018
International Development MSc International Development - Course Selection 2018
International Political Theory MSc International Political Theory - Course Selection 2018
International Relations MSc International Relations - Course Selection 2018
International Relations of the Middle East (IRoME) programmes MSc IRoME programmes - Course Selection 2018
Medical Anthropology MSc Medical Anthropology - Course Selection 2018
Management of the Bioeconomy, Innovation & Governanance No specific guidance - please check PATH
Nationalism Studies No specific guidance - please check PATH
Policy Studies MSc Policy Studies - Course Selection 2018
Science and Technology in Society No specific guidance - please check PATH
Social Anthropology MSc Social Anthropology - Course Selection 2018
Social Research
Master of Social Work (MSW) All courses compulsory - no course selection required
Sociology and Global Change MSc Sociology and Global Change - Course Selection 2018

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