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ESRC 1+3 Studentship opportunity

A 1 + 3 ESRC Studentship is available from September 2008, attached to a major project led by Prof Liz Stanley.

ESRC 1 + 3 Studentship: Epistolarity in the Schreiner circles: using letters to re-think the role of networks University of Edinburgh

A 1 + 3 PhD Studentship fully funded by the ESRC is available from mid-September 2008, attached to a major ESRC project led by Prof Liz Stanley at the University of Edinburgh. The main project will research and analyse the c7000 extant letters written by the key feminist writer and social theorist Olive Schreiner (1855-1920), which cover many key topics of the age, including

* Colonialism under transition in the Cape

* Feminism & socialism in 1880s London

* Prostitution & its analysis

* Changing understandings of 'race' & capital

* Imperialism 'on the ground' - Rhodes as 'a system', Jameson Raid

* The South African War, women's relief organisations & the concentration camps

* International perspectives on women's franchise campaigns

* Labour issues & the Union of South Africa

* International feminist networks, pacifism & war economies

* Political and economic changes in South Africa post WW1

The Studentship holder, supervised by Prof Stanley, will carry out a related project of analysing the role of networks as explored through the archived letters of Schreiner’s correspondents, who consist of many of the key figures of the age in both Britain and South Africa. These people include but are not confined to: Dr Abdullah, Ruth Alexander, John & Mary Brown, Edward Carpenter, the Colenso family, the De Villiers Charles Dilke, Mary Drew (nee Gladstone), Patrick Duncan, Havelock Ellis, Mohandas Gandhi, Herbert Gladstone, George Grey, Kier Hardie, Mohandas Gandhi, George Grey, Emily Hobhouse, Emily Hobhouse John Hobson, Jan Hofmeyr, JT Javabu, Herman Kallenbach, Horatio Kitchener, Amy Levy, Lloyd George, Henry Loch, John Mackenzie, FS Malan, Alf Mattison, John X. Merriman, Betty Molteno & Alice Greene, Edith Nesbit, Sylvia Pankhurst, Karl Pearson, Frederick Pethick-Lawrence, Will Schreiner, Maria Sharpe, Jan Smuts, Julia Solly, the Solomon family, Arthur Symons, Oscar Wilde.

Further details about the Studentship research, which will include archival fieldwork in both the UK and South Africa, can be obtained by emailing  Some further information is also available here.

Applications should be made by providing a CV, details of educational achievement to date and a letter outlining of the applicant’s interest in the research topic and any relevant experience concerning it, as well as contact information including a telephone number and email address. The closing date for applications is Monday 11 August.

The successful applicant will be expected to immediately complete the ESRC’s required application form and then commence the Studentship in mid-September. Applications should be sent by email and file attachment to on or before 11 August.

Intending applicants should note that the terms of the Studentship are governed by the ESRC’s requirements concerning residency and qualifications.

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