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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Scholarships 2021/22

Scholarships are regularly reviewed and availability may change. Further awards for the 2021/22 academic year will be advertised here from December 2020. We encourage you to revisit this site regularly to check for any new opportunities that may be added.

On this page you will find information about funding opportunities available for postgraduate study in the School of Social and Political Science, as well as Research Council awards, and important information to consider prior to submitting your applications.

In the field of social and political science, most funding is oriented towards doctoral programmes. The UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) provides a number of full scholarships which can also include funding on a Masters programme prior to the PhD programme.

These pages highlight some of the most relevant scholarships, especially those where our students have been successful in the past, and help you to assess whether you are likely to succeed in applying to certain scholarships where the School of Social and Political Science plays a part in making awards.

School of Social and Political Science/ University of Edinburgh awards

UK Research Council awards

External awards

Important information and recommendations:

  • Eligibility for funding will be decided on a range of criteria and we encourage you to apply for all awards you can. Note that some scholarships may be tied to specific degrees or restricted to applicants from specific countries or regions.

  • Inevitably, there are more applicants than scholarships, so regardless of the basic criteria, scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis. Importantly, you should provide evidence of a high level of academically relevant achievement, a strong research proposal and supervisory fit (where your research fits well with your supervisory team, Subject Area, and the School), and a tailored personal statement where one is requested. We recommend you submit applications for all scholarships for which you are eligible. This includes applicants to the ESRC scholarships – you should also apply for other advertised scholarships.

  • You should identify and contact potential supervisors on the basis of their fit and expertise with your proposed research, to advise you wish to study with them and that you are applying for scholarships. Securing agreement in principle of their supervision strengthens your application.

  • For specialised guidance on submitting a competitive scholarship application, we strongly recommend you contact the Postgraduate Advisor for your Subject Area as soon as possible. You should advise which scholarships you intend to apply for and send your draft research proposal. The Postgraduate Advisor will then contact you with guidance.

  • Research Proposals should be no more than 3 to 4 A4 pages (not including references) in 12pt Times Roman font. Detailed guidance can be found here.

  • If the scholarship you are applying for does not require a Personal Statement, please write, 'Personal Statement not required for this scholarship' in the appropriate section of the scholarship application.

  • Interviews may form part of the scholarship process and will be advised on individual scholarship pages.

  • Note that if you are awarded more than one scholarship, the Terms & Conditions of those scholarships will determine if you must rescind one offer or if you can retain both awards.

There are other funding opportunities available, please check the Scholarships Office website for a full list, this site also contains a useful 'Scholarship search' tool.

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The John Peterson Memorial Fund 

This fund is now open for donations. It will support a range of studentships in Politics and International Relations, by supporting access to courses and helping progression to postgraduate study and research in these fields.

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