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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Global Challenges

Both the MSc in Global Challenges and the Postgraudate Diploma in Global Challenges allow you to study flexibly at a pace that suits you.

To obtain the Postgrduate Diploma you are required to successfully complete two of the three Postgraduate Certificates.  The MSc requires you to successfully complete all three  Postgraduate Certificates. 

The current postgraduate certificates available are as follows:

How to Apply

The first step towards obtaining the Dip or MSc is to apply for one of the above PG Certs (you can do this by following the blue links). They can be studied in any order. Please note that any PG Cert outwith the above options will not count towards the Dip or MSc.

Following the successful completion of your first PG Cert, the university will contact you to establish what you would like to do next. You will have two options:

  1. Progress your studies by taking another PG Cert with a view to achieving the Dip or MSc.
  2. Complete your studies and graduate with your current award (there is no obligation to progress to the Dip or MSc if you do not wish to).

How do I progress to the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc?

We'll continue to contact you each year after you've completed your current PG Cert to establish your future plans. When you begin your second PG Cert, we'll register you onto the Dip. When you begin your third PG Cert, we'll register you onto the MSc.You will build upon each award as you complete them.

You will not have to re-apply via the admissions process each year - your registration onto the Dip or MSc will be done automatically once you have indicated your intention to progress. All you need to do is wait for correspondence from the university each year. Correspondence will be conducted using your university email account only.

For further information about the Dip / MSc in Global Challenges Programme, visit the Global Challenges homepage using the following link:

Edinburgh Students