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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Programme Structure

The first course that students take is Politics and Theories of International Development, which starts in September 2018. The other two courses are Roots of Poverty & Development in Africa and Analysing Development.

Each course will be assessed through a combination of of methods, including a 3,000 to 4,000 word essay and online reflections. The course delivery draws on the latest interactive, cutting edge online teaching and learning methods and provides you with opportunity to examine and explore major issues of interest to you, combining readings, lecture videos, quizes, online reflections, discussion forums and group seminars - all offered through flexible, online distance learning.


Politics and Theories of International Development 

This course offers an introduction, overview and critical analysis of the forces shaping international development. It explores the politics and theories of development by analysing the dominant and alternative social scientific theories that seek to explain development outcomes, and the actors and institutions involved.

Analysing Development 

This course provides both a practical overview of international development assistance, and equips students with the knowledge and tools to critically assess the social and political effects of aid, and the way aid policy is made and executed. We will explore the main rationales and theories for providing aid, the major themes in aid of the last two decades and contemporary debates.

Roots of African Poverty and Development 

The course aims at providing a platform to discuss governance, poverty, development and the challenges of realising justice in contemporary Africa. Drawing on academic literature and empirical research this course critically explores representations of Africa as a "development problem" and the various strategies employed over the decades since colonial times to bring about social, political and economic transformation in Africa.

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