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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Global Challenges

The MSc Global Challenges comprises three Postgraduate Certificates - with each Certificate also able to be studied as a standalone qualfication.

The MSc requires you to successfully complete all three Postgraduate Certificates. 

The Postgraduate Diploma requires you to successfully complete two of the three Postgraduate Certificates. 

The three Postgraduate Certificates are:

How to Apply

There are two options for applying to the programme:

  1. Apply directly to the MSc Global Challenges programme.
  2. Apply via one of the three Postgraduate Certificates that make up the programme. After successful completion of your chosen certificate route you can opt to continue with one or both of the remaining certificates, or to exit with your chosen certificiate.

The deadline for these programmes is the 15th of August 2019

1. Apply directly to MSc Global Challenges

You can apply directly to the MSc Global Challenges. You can opt to complete the three certificates in any order you wish.

APPLY NOW for MSc Global Challenges

2. Apply for one of the Postgraduate Certificates

If you apply via one of the Certificate routes, you will complete that certificate first.

Global Development Challenges

Global Environment Challenges

Global Health Challenges

Following successful completion of your chosen certificate, you will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Register for the remaining certificates to build up to either the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc.
  2. Be awarded your Postgraduate Certificate. 

For those who opt to be awarded their Postgraduate Certificate at this stage, please note if you decide at a later date you wish to complete the remaining certificates, you will be required to submit a new application.

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