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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Career Opportunities


This programme offers flexible study via distance learning and can be taken alongside a full-time job. It attracts students from around the world with diverse interests, including those interested in working with, or already working with:

  • governments
  • NGOs
  • international development and aid organisations
  • international health organisations
  • international environmental organisations
  • United Nations agencies
  • the private sector
  • charities
  • universities and other research institutions

Skill Set

The Certificate will provide you with:

  • The analytical and conceptual skills to critically evaluate and investigate global development issues
  • Training in comparative and development policy analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of the drivers, processes and contexts that shape global development

You will gain crucial understanding at global, national and local levels of how development, health and environmental issues are connected. Our expertise in research, policy and practice across a wide range of disciplines will help you to develop the broad perspective, in-depth knowledge, and professional skills needed to enhance your career as you work for a more equitable and just world. 


Graduates have previously pursued careers in:

  • Consultancy
  • NGOs and charities
  • International development
  • Corporate managerial positions in environmental and social governance
  • Ministry of health policy, strategy and managerial positions
Graduates from this programme will be uniquely equipped to advise and guide on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The goals emphasise the need for a coherent connection across many challenges and this programme will give you the language, and knowledge to understand the complexity of the challenges and to look at innovative solutions and approaches.
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