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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Meet the Team

Dr Sam Spiegel

Programme Director

Sam Spiegel is an ESRC Future Research Leader Fellow and Senior Lecturer in International Development at the School of Social and Political Science. His research has examined a variety of debates relating to the conceptualization of global inequality, marginalization and governance, with particular focus on the politics of resource extraction, labour regulation and livelihoods in mining communities. His current research focuses on how global governance paradigms in the extractive sector relate to national development policies and rural livelihood planning in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Hazel Gray

Hazel Gray's research interests concern the political economy of development in Africa, industrial policy and industrialization, state-business relations, institutions and economic performance in Africa and Asia. Her regional focus is on East Africa and she has been researching and working in Tanzania since 2000.  

Dr Jean-Benoit Falisse

Jean-Benoit Falisse's research interests are in the provision of basic social services (health-care, education, justice) in so-called ‘fragile’ contexts and refugee livelihoods. Jean-Benoit has also worked for United Nations and international NGOs in the African Great Lakes region.

Maria Brichs

Maria is the programme administrator.

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