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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Programme Structure

Global Development Challenges is offered as an online learning, 60-credit Postgraduate Certificate, comprising the following courses:

Compulsory Courses

Global Development Challenges (20 credits)

Running Sept - Dec

Rapid technological, political, environmental and economic changes are linking the world in ways that are both symptomatic of, and drivers of, emerging global challenges. You will examine the implications for institutional decision-making and for society. Themes include inequality and poverty, conflict and social vulnerability, globalisation, human rights and national and global governance.

You will develop your capacity to analyse development issues, taking account of the complex social, institutional and economic contexts in which governance takes place.

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Analysing Development (20 credits)

Running Jan - March

This course provides a practical overview of international development aid: its role in addressing humanitarian emergencies, funding social services, stimulating economic change and supporting the work of non-governmental actors; and also its perverse effects: creating dependency, undermining public services, fuelling economic crises and political turmoil.

You will develop your capacity to critically assess the social and political effects of aid and the way aid policy is made and executed.

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Optional Course (20 credits)

For a list of optional courses, please visit our Degree Programme Table

MSc Progression

This Certificate can be taken as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or as one of the three Certificates which make up the MSc Degree in Global Challenges. 

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