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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Global Health Policy

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The application deadline for this programme is 9 August 2021.

About the Programme

Launched in 2018, our online MSc brings the world-class expertise of our long-standing on-campus MSc in Global Health Policy to a wider audience.

Choose from courses that explore health, health systems and health policies, as well as the diverse factors which shape these. Delivered by leading researchers in the field you can build a programme around your commitments, and study in the way that suits your needs.

From the impact of globalisation and the recent development of influential global health partnerships, to the complex relationships between health objectives and the trade policies of leading states, the online MSc in Global Health Policy is designed to develop students’ capacity to understand and critically appraise key population health issues and to apply concepts and theories within policy studies, international political economy and public health science. It asks questions like ‘why are health outcomes lower in some social groups than in others?’, ‘what exactly is the role of State in ensuring good health?’ and ‘are market- or planned-model health system more efficient?’. Adopting a global focus, the programme guides you through the social, economic and political processes which shape health and its determinants. Drawing ideas from a range of disciplines, it encourages students to develop a critical awareness of the roles played by the State, the commercial sector, civil society and international organisations in shaping health and health policy.

Why study with us?

The online MSc Global Health Policy programme is situated within the Global Health Policy Unit (GHPU), which is located in University’s School of Social and Political Science. This reflects the programme’s reach across traditional boundaries, linking policy analysis, public health, social policy, economics, sociology, medicine and epidemiology. Unlike many traditional global health programmes, this programme offers the benefit of a more interdisciplinary orientation and a greater emphasis on policy than would, for example, a master’s of public health (MPH) programme.

All our students benefit from the strong research environment that informs our academic programmes. As a student with us you will work with some of the most influential academics in the field and learn about the very latest developments in your subject. Moreover, our interactive and flexible programme is designed to maximise interaction, allows you to tailor your course choices and dissertation topic to your personal interests, and can be undertaken around your work or family commitments.

Flexibility of study

Our online teaching approach is designed enable you to fit your studies comfortably around your other commitments. Virtual seminars, lectures and other materials can be accessed at any time and for each course, the time period in which each week’s tasks must be completed (usually 7-10 days) is clearly outlined at the start. There is also a dedicated help point where you can receive technical / IT support if needed. 

Test us out!

You can now see what studying with us is like first-hand, by visiting our 'taster module'. This is a publicly accessible version of one of the modules on our core compulsory course - Public Health and Health Policy - containing the lectures, readings, resources, exercises, assessment details and example live seminars, exactly as they happen on the Programme. Access the taster module by clicking here.

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