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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Taster Sessions

Video Lecture

Please see below an excerpt from a video lecture on Criminalization, Conflict and Diamonds in Africa given by Dr Sam Spiegel, former Programme Director of the MSc Global Challenges.

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Related YouTube Link

The YouTube video below is interesting because it presents Kanye West's rap song (which won a Grammy Award!) on diamonds from Sierra Leone and represents Africa in a highly contested way. An Amnestry International group provided the visuals for this video, and you will be interested to see that the last slide encourages people to be consumers of "conflict-free diamonds." As you watch the video, it is interesting to reflect on the choices that were made in the production of the lyrics and the visuals...  (The music is also very catchy!)

Discussion Forum

Our online programmes all make use of discussion forums to allow students to engage with topics in a group environment. The discussion forum activity below was related to mind maps.  Students were tasked to:

Find a news story that addresses the topic of criminalization and/or illegality in Africa. Map different interpretations of that story/topic using a mind-map. Please post your analysis of the news story and the mind-map on the online discussion forum below. Also, please comment on at least one other student's mind-map

For guidance please see this example of a mind-map addressing police crackdowns on illegal mining in Zimbabwe.

You can choose any topic that you wish as long as it allows you to address multiple interpretations of lawlessness and/or criminalization in Africa. (Examples could include illegal mining, illegal farming, illegal border-crossing, illegal housing, illegal tax evasion, illegal war profiteering, corruption issues, child labour, illegal drug or human trafficking, etc).

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