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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


PhD in International Development

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The application deadline for this programme is 5 July 2021.

We warmly invite candidates to apply for a PhD degree in International Development.

The University of Edinburgh is host to a thriving and cosmopolitan community of researchers working on global development challenges. We are home to internationally renowned academics working at the intersection of international development policy and health, science and technology, religion, migration, energy, urbanisation, mining and human rights, as well as centres of regional expertise in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

We strongly encourage and support interdisciplinary research, and welcome students who are keen to develop doctoral research projects in collaboration with third parties (NGOs, multilateral/bilateral agencies, campaign groups, or media organisations).

Before applying, please carefully read the information contained on this website. In particular, applicants should consider the information on the pages on Supervisors and Topics and How To Apply. Prior to making an application, students should contact the post-graduate advisor, Laurie Denyer-Willis, with both a draft research proposal (see details here) and suggestions for potential supervisors (see details here)

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