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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


PhD in Social Anthropology

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The application deadline for this programme is 5 July 2021.

We warmly invite candidates to apply for PhD degrees in Social Anthropology. 

Social Anthropology is one of the UKs leading centres of excellence and was ranked 5th in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. From its foundation, Edinburgh's Department of Social Anthropology was one of the first in Britain to specialize in the study of what were then called 'complex societies', with particular emphasis on the study of Scottish society.

This emphasis continues, along with a long and continuing tradition of research in African anthropology. More recently Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh has established a reputation for work in Europe, and has become a major centre for the anthropological study of South Asia. Our specialist interests have expanded rapidly in recent years, adding East and South-East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America to our regional expertise.

In recent years we have developed a distinctive body of research and teaching which systematically links the everyday world of domestic intimacy to the wider context of public events and the political. This manifests itself in an exciting body of new work on nationalism and the state; material culture and public memory; film and visual culture; kinship, person and gender; law and society; science and technology studies; environmental issues and social development. Applied research includes policy-related work on asylum-seekers, NGOs, sustainable development and participatory rights.


Dr Serra Hakyemez

Social Anthropology Postgraduate Advisor (for Admissions)

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