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Supervisors and Topics

Supervisor Topics Interested in Supervising

Richard Baxstrom

Urban anthropology, Cinema, Art, popular culture, Southeast Asia, Anthropology and Philosophy, Anthropology of ethics, Religion And Ritual, Witchcraft, History of anthropology, North America, Neoliberal Governmentality, Neoliberalism

I welcome applications from students who are interested in any combination of the following areas: (1) Cinema, art, and popular culture; (2) Small-town neoliberalism and 'enterprise' as a form of life in the Southwestern region of the United States; (3) contemporary societal change and emergent forms of living; (4) the experience of contemporary urban life, particularly in Southeast Asia; (5) concepts of 'the human' and of 'nature', accounting for the limits of such concepts (limits - the virtual, the animal, the 'monster', the 'beast', the 'thing').

Tom Boylston

Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Anthropology of Christianity, Media anthropology, Game studies

I am interested in supervising students studying topics related to East Africa, religion, anthropology of media, and anthropology of games and play.

Francesca Bray

Material Culture, China and East Asia, Gender regimes, Agriculture and the politics of food, Technology and society

I am interested in co-supervising research that looks at the politics and culture of science, technology or medicine, and in particular projects on gender regimes, technologies of everyday life and material culture. A special interest is agriculture in the global economy, the politics of food, and related issues like the regulation of GM crops. My special areas of expertise are China (or East Asia more generally) and California.

Janet Carsten

I welcome enquiries about supervision of research on kinship and relatedness broadly conceived, on inter-generational relations and memory, and on Southeast Asia - especially Malaysia. I have supervised research on diverse topics - from the world of horse racing in Newmarket to donor insemination in the UK; from tourism in Malaysia to ethnic identity, kinship and memory in Java; from marriage in Cairo to fur and inter-generational relations in Poland, and from coming of age rituals in the former East Germany, to kinship and care in Botswana in a time of AIDS. I currently supervise students working on a wide range of topics, including kinship and care of Alzheimer's patients in London, and parenthood in Edinburgh.

Hsiao-Chiao Chiu

Kinship and relatedness, Kinship-related rituals, Gender, Marriage and marital preferences, Taiwan, China

Jacob Copeman

South Asia, Gurus, Atheism, Blood Donation, Tissue Economies, Social Reform, Media, Technology and society, India, Medical Anthropology, Names and Naming

I welcome enquiries from students interested in pursuing projects that relate to my broad interests in tissue economies/biological exchange, medical anthropology, technological cultures and radical social reform movements; and in aspects of South Asian society, especially caste and communal politics, 'guru cultures', and the politics of names and naming.

Magnus Course

Ethnography, Mythology and folklore, Memory, Language and Identity, Gaelic Scotland, crofting, Environment, fishing, the sea, Chile, South America

I would be interested in supervising projects relating to: Language and social life; Native American ontologies and cosmologies; Kinship and personhood; fishing; the sea

Jamie Cross

Ethnography, International development, South Asia, renewable energy, Solar photovoltaics, Technology and society, Sub-Saharan Africa

Stefan Ecks

Medical Anthropology, Medical pluralism, Anthropology of Pharmaceuticals, Anthropology of food, Transcultural psychiatry

I am interested in supervising research in all areas of medical anthropology, especially topics relating to pharmaceuticals, mental health, and South Asia.

Alexander Edmonds

Anthropology of health and medicine, War veterans, Mental health, Military cultures, Military psychiatry, Plastic surgery, gender and beauty, Health and international development, Ethnicity and race

Jamie Furniss

Middle East and North Africa, Anthropology of development, Egypt, Waste and waste collectors

Middle East; Waste; Environment; International Development

Anthony Good

South Asia, Immigration, Kinship, Hinduism, Legal anthropology, Legal pluralism, asylum seekers and refugees

In the past I have supervised students working on Hindus in Pakistan; Hindu festivals in South India and Edinburgh; divine possession in the Nilgiris; pilgrimage in Kerala; Indian kingship; South Indian classical dance; satellite television in India; Buddhist revival in Cambodia; relations between the dead and the living in contemporary Vietnam; appropriate technology in Sri Lanka; child labour; child refugees in Africa; West African migrants in Morocco; culturally competent nursing for asylum applicant families; experiences of waiting among asylum seekers; and the social integration of refugees (the last three all focused on Glasgow). Although officially retired I am still willing to take on students (but only if their topic really interests me!) in areas related to: India and Sri Lanka; refugees and migration; anthropology of law; kinship; anthropology of religion; historical anthropology.

Andreas Hackl

Ian Harper

International development, South Asia, Medical Anthropology, Global Health Policy

Interested in supervising students in areas related to:
anthropology and (public) health, those working on Nepal, and particularly with students who wish to develop interdisciplinary research experience.

Morteza Hashemi

Social theory, Sociology of knowledge and science, Sociology of Technology, Religion Studies, transhumanism, Immigration, postsecularism, Anthropology of Technology

Naomi Haynes

Christianity, Political economy, Southern Africa, Hierarchy, Values, Economic anthropology, Religion And Ritual

I welcome inquiries from students interested in the anthropology of Christianity, the anthropology of religion, economic anthropology, and southern Africa

Casey High

I welcome enquiries form prospective students interested in any of my research fields.

Lotte Hoek

Media anthropology, Sexuality, Visual Culture, Cinema, Urban Ethnography, South Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan

I am interested in supervising PhD applicants with research projects relating to any of my research interests.

Juli Huang

Pro-poor markets, Carbon markets, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), social enterprise, Gender and Development, Science, technology and development, Corporations, Anthropology of Money, Alternative currencies, Economic anthropology, International development, South Asia, Bangladesh, Iran

Market-driven development; social enterprise; social business; social impact measurement; impact investment; CSR; gender and development; technology and development; anthropology of corporations; money and alternative currencies; the sharing economy / gig economy; economic anthropology

Delwar Hussain

Ethnography, Gender and Sexuality, Borderlands, Bangladesh, Fences, South Asia, Modernisation, Decolonisation, War on terror, Political Islam, Religious Identity, labour, religion, LGBT, Spain, history, Pakistan, India

Laura Jeffery

Forced displacement, Migration studies, Environmental anthropology, Indian Ocean studies, Anthropology of Britain, Mauritius, Chagos islanders, Critical heritage studies, Environment and society, Conservation and development, Human-environment relations, Maldives, Seychelles, Ethnomusicology, Migration and development, intangible cultural heritage, roads and connective infrastructure

I welcome enquiries about supervision relating to my research interests in: anthropology of displacement and migration studies; critical heritage studies; intangible cultural heritage; ethnomusicology; environment and society; human-environment relations; politics of conservation and development; roads and connective infrastructure; political and legal anthropology; islands of the Western Indian Ocean, especially Mauritius, Chagos, Rodrigues, Agalega, Seychelles, Maldives, and Reunion; anthropology of Britain

Tobias Kelly

Political and legal anthropology, Political violence, Pacifism, Human rights, Anthopology of Britain, Historical Anthropology, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

I am interested in supervising PhDs that look at human rights, political anthropology, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, political violence and pacifism.

Lucy Lowe

Feminism, gender, Reproductive Health, Somalia, Migration and Displacement, Refugee studies, , Motherhood, Reproductive Justice, Diaspora and transnationalism, Gender and Health, Kenya, sexuality

I am interested in supervising research students working on obstetric and gynaecological health; motherhood; gender; forced migration; displacement; diasporas and transnationalism; reproductive rights and justice; and in Kenya or the Horn of Africa.

Siobhan Magee

Kinship and relatedness, Marriage, History and Memory, especially as explored through intergenerational relations, Gender and Sexuality, Material Culture, United States, Poland, Political and economic anthropology

Laura Major

Ethnography, Memory, Material Culture, Conflict and Post-Conflict Politics, Museum Studies, Anthropology of Death, Anthropology of the body

Rebecca Marsland

Medical Anthropology, Tanzania, East Africa, Funerals, International development, HIV and AIDS, Witchcraft, Human-animal relationships, Bees, Veterinary Anthropology

Interested in supervising students in areas related to: Medical Anthropology Anthropology of Science/Development East Africa Human and Animal Relationships Veterinary Anthropology

Eirini Papadaki

Kinship, adoption, , motherhood, gender, Sexuality, marriage, ethics, unwed pregnancy, Greece

Ayaz Qureshi

Ethnography, Pakistan, Public health, Bureaucracy, HIV/AIDS, Gender and Development, Neoliberal Governmentality

Jeevan Sharma

Migrant labor, Migration and development, livelihoods, Gender and Development, Youth, human rights, Development and Humanitarian Aid, Global Health, Reproductive & child health, Monitoring and Evaluation, Nepal and the Himalaya, South Asia

In particular, I welcome students working in the following fields: ethics, politics and practices of international development (development, humanitarian global health and human rights) response, labour migration and socio-political change in South Asia and and the Himalayas.

Leila Sinclair-Bright

Politics of belonging, Citizenship, Political and legal anthropology, Zimbabwe, Land Reform, Human rights, Humanitarianism, ethnography, postcolonial state and civil society, art and anthropology

Jonathan Spencer

Religion and Politics, Sri Lanka, South and Southeast Asia, Buddhism, War and peace

I am currently working with a number of students researching the politics, history and culture of Sri Lanka, including the wider Sri Lankan diaspora. I am also interested in working with students interested in the anthropology of democracy and the political history of social anthropology, on religion and politics, and on other issues in South and Southeast Asia.

Alice Street

Anthropology of Melanesia, Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies, hospital ethnography, State building, International development, Bureaucratic Power, nutraceuticals

I am interested in supervising students working in the areas of Melanesia, biomedicine, hospital ethnography, management knowledge, bureaucracy, anthropology of the state.

Michelle Taylor

Global Health, International development, Control of neglected zoonotic and tropical diseases, diagnostics, drug discovery and development, Development aid, Evidence

Neil Thin

Happiness, wellbeing and the good life, political bilingualism, virtue signalling and conspicuous compassion, appreciative research, aspirational social planning

happiness, wellbeing, flourishing, good life sustainable development social planning appreciative research aspirational planning

Dimitri Tsintjilonis

Death, sacrifice, personhood, spirit possession, Indonesia, Greece

From shamanism and spirit possession, I have supervised postgraduate work on a variety of topics and ethnographic contexts. Apart from research which focuses on Indonesia and Southeast Asia, I am particularly interested in work which explores different cosmologies and attempts to understand the efficacy of ritual patterns - especially in the context of death and mortuary rites. I am also interested in supervising work which focuses on the connections between cosmology and the more pedestrian rhythms of day-to-day life through which agency is ‘sedimented’ in objects, words and everyday activities like cooking, gardening, telling stories, and making friends or enemies. I have supervised a number of very different PhD projects. Here are a few examples: 'From Spirits to Pollution: Death In Japan', 'The enactment of Past and Future in Afro-Cuban religions', 'Religion and Education amongst the Bonpo', 'Enchantment and "The Word" in a Scottish Fishing Village', 'Catholicism, Language and Community-belonging on Barra', 'Pilgrimage narratives', 'Indigeneity and ethnicity among the Utan (Riau, Indonesia)', and 'Heathen worship communities'. I am currently supervising work on the phenomenology of death in Nepal, death and perceptions of risk in (post Fukushima) Japan, animism and nature in Peru, and curses in Tuva.

Eva Vernooij

HIV and AIDS, Medical Anthropology, Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies, health care systems, policy and interventions, diagnostics, hospital ethnography, sub-Saharan Africa

Grit Wesser

Cold War and post-Cold War studies, kinship and gender, ritual and personhood, history and memory, feminism, Eastern Germany, Anthropology of Europe, Anthropology of the state, Migration and citizenship