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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


PhD Community News


Politics and International Relations postgraduate researchers significantly contribute to the academic community, productivity, and acclaim of Edinburgh. Our PhD students are involved in a range of initiatives both within the university and beyond, including government and non-profit programmes. This page contains a selection of accomplishments from current students and recent graduates.


Evidence of the quality and dedication of our students is clear from the awards they receive.  Here are a few examples:

  • Francesco Bertoldi, ESRC Studenship
  • Louis Fletcher, Robert L. Platzman Fellowship from the University of Chicago library for archival work
  • Kathy Dodworth, Inaugural BISA African Affairs Postgraduate Paper Prize
  • Sayra Van Den Berg, ESRC Studentship
  • Alexandra Remond, ESRC Studentship
  • Tom Charman, ESRC Studentship
  • Kathy Dodworth, ESRC Studentship
  • Oliver Kearns, ESRC Studentship
  • Ewen McIntosh, ESRC Studentship
  • Cera Murtagh, ESRC Studentship
  • Charlotte Snelling, ESRC Studentship
  • Marco Siddi, DAAD doctoral fellowship
  • Coree Brown, Principals Career Development Scholarship; Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship
  • Victoria Loughlan, BISA/HEA PG Teaching Excellence Prize
  • Ritumbra Manuve, Commonwealth Scholarship for Doctoral Studies in UK

Recent Publications

Past and current cohorts of postgraduates in Politics and International Relations have actively sought to publish their innovative research drawn from PhD studies, related work, and collaboration with other academics and organisations. Some examples published writing include:  

  • Victor Gigleux (2016) Explaining the diversity of small states’ foreign policies through role theory, Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, 1:1, 27-45. 
  • Francesco Bertoldi (2016), Change beneath the surface: the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election, Regional&Federal Studies
  • Murtagh, C. (2016) ‘Civic Mobilization in Divided Societies and the Perils of Political Engagement: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Protest and Plenum Movement,’ Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 22(2), 149-171.
  • Elisabeth Schweiger (2015), The Risks of Remaining Silent: International Law Formation and the EU Silence on Drone Killings, Global Affairs 
  • Cera Murtagh (2015) "Reaching Across: Institutional Barriers to Cross-Ethnic Parties in Post-Conflict Societies and the Case of Northern Ireland," Nations and Nationalism.
  • Kathy Dodworth (2014) "NGO Legitimation as Practise: Working State Capital in Tanzania. Critical African Studies.
  • Niklas Helwig (2013) "EU Foreign Policy and the High Representative’s Capability-Expectations Gap: A Question of Political Will," European Foreign Affairs Review.
  • Zoey Reeve and Dominic Johnson (2013) "Identity (Con)fusion: Social Groups and the Stickiness of Social Glue," Cliodynamics. 
  • Oliver Escobar (2013) “Public engagers and the political craft of participatory policy-making,” Public Administration Review.
  • Cera Murtagh (2013) “Convergence the new consensus in Northern Ireland,” The Scotsman, 2 July 2013. 
  • Ibrahim Sani (2013) “Political Parties and Governance in Nigeria: Explaining the Misfortunes of the Fourth Republic,”  Mumbayya House Journal of Democratic Studies (MHJDS).
  • Marlene Gottwald (2012) “Humanizing Security? The EU's responsibility to protect in the Libyan crisis,” FIIA Working Paper.
  • Shamiran Mako (2012) “Cultural Genocide and Key International Instruments: Framing the Indigenous Experience,” International Journal of Minority and Group Rights.
  • Charlotte Snelling (2012) “The Student Vote.” YouthSight. [Online]

Conference Papers and Presentations

A number of our PhD students attend workshops and conferences at universities and other events. Examples of conference papers include:

  • Jeremy Armon (2016), "Ethiopian Political Economy: Current Features, Possible Futures", presentation delivered at the Royal College of Defence Studies, London.
  • Ritumbra Manuvie (2016) "Politics of Disaster and Mobility in Assam' paper presented at the 9th International Geographical Union Conference, New Delhi.
  • Jeremy Armon (2016) "Can political settlements analysis help us better understand change in Africa?", Africa Working Group Workshop, University of Birmingham.
  • Cera Murtagh (2015) "Social Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Potential of Cross-Ethnic Mobilisation in an Ethnically Divided Society," paper presented at International Conference: Trans-Ethnic Coalition-Bulding Within and Across States, Uppsala University.
  • Coree Brown (2015) "Settled for a Generation? Policy, Strategy and Means within the Post Referendum Scottish National Party," paper presented at the PSA Annual Conference, Sheffield.
  • Jeremy Armon (2015) "Translating Political Settlements Analysis into Country Programming Decisions", presentation delivered at a practitioner-academic consultation in UK Department for International Development.
  • Zoey Reeve (2014) "Fusion Fighters: Experiences of Trauma, a Sense of Oneness with the Muslim Umma, and Perceptions of the Threatening West," paper presented at International Studies Association, Toronto.
  • Cera Murtagh (2014) "Hungry in Three Languages: The Potential of Cross-Ethnic Social Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina," paper presented at Euopean Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Annual Conference, Glasgow.
  • Oliver Escobar (2014) “The political craft of public-making: How deliberative practitioners assemble and perform publics,” paper presented at Biannual Conference of the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group at PSA, Newcastle.
  • Alice Hague and Elizabeth Bomberg (2014) “Environmental Rebels and Radicals: Climate activism and the Church,” paper presented at the Political Studies Association annual meeting, Manchester.
  • Shamiran Mako (2014) “The Impact of Re-emergent Authoritarianism on Iraqi State Capacity,” paper presented at International Studies Association, Toronto.
  • Ewen McIntosh (2014) “Judicial impact on UK asylum removals policy and its political framing (1990-2012),” paper presented at European Social Science and History Conference, Vienna.
  • Mihail Petkov and Lambros Kaoullas (2014) “Overcoming Respondent Resistance at Elite Interviews Using an Intermediary,” paper presented at SCOPE: SCIENCE OF POLITICS International Conference of Political Research organised by the International Political Science Association, Bucharest.
  • Marlene Gottwald (2013) “A human security perspective on the future of Europe,” presentation at expert workshop on “The changing nature of human security” organised by Chatham House und FRIDE, Brussels.
  • Cera Murtagh (2013) “Navigating the Divide: Cross-Community Parties in Northern Ireland,” paper presented at Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Dublin.
  • Ibrahim Sani and Ibrahim I. M. B. Zagga (2013) “The 2011 General Elections and Political Violence in Kaduna,” paper presented at the National Conference on Perspectives on Elections and the Challenges for Democracy, Kano.
  • Ewen McIntosh (2011) “How to deal with the Afghan Hijackers? Contrasting political and administrative responses to judicial decisions on asylum control in the UK,” paper presented at York EU Centre of Excellence: Law Workshop on Securitization in Germany and in the EU - Legal and Policy Implications for Canada, York University, Toronto.

Professional and Other Outside Activities

Many of our postgraduate researchers also undertake a number of professional and voluntary positions outwith the university.  Examples include:

  • Anthony Salamone, Local Organising Committee Member, Council for European Studies – 24th International Conference of Europeanists (Glasgow 2017)
  • Cera Murtagh, Research Assistant to Professor Fiona Mackay, Gender Politics, University of Edinburgh.
  • Anthony Salamone, Lead Educator, Towards Brexit? The UK's EU Referendum (University of Edinburgh free online course), May-June 2016
  • Sayra Van Den Berg, Member of the Research School on Peace and Conflict, Peace Research Institute, Oslo
  • Francesco Bertoldi, European Relations Policy Support Officer, Scottish Government
  • Jeremy Armon, Senior Governance Adviser, UK Department for International Development
  • Ritumbra Manuvie, Visiting Scholar, National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, India.
  • Anthony Salamone, Managing Editor, European Futures Blog, March 2015-Present.
  • Vos  Renske, Research Fellow, Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law (CePTL), Vrjie Universiteit, Amsterdam.
  • Alexandra Remond, Member of the Global Relations Young Academic Program.
  • Charlotte Snelling (2014) 'Maximising Electoral Registration: An Evaluation of Local Activities - Full Report' Cabinet Office Research Paper
  • Marco Siddi,  Research Associate,  Institute for European Politics, Berlin
  • Shamiran Mako, Carnegie Visiting Scholar of the Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies, Northeastern University, January 2014-Present
  • Marlene Gottwald, Researcher, Trans European Policy Studies Association, Brussels, November 2011-March 2012
Edinburgh Graduations