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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Postgraduate Community

The Sociology department at Edinburgh has an active postgraduate research community that is involved in a variety of academic and social activities both within and beyond the department. A list of current sociology research students can be found here.

As postgraduate students, we know it can be difficult arriving in a new place without knowing the wheres and hows and whys, so if you have questions about navigating university policy, finding your way around Edinburgh or how to find a good bar, contact us though the Sociology Society.


Postgraduate life at Edinburgh Sociology is busy, with a number of conferences and networks involving PG students such as the Ethnicity, Nationalism and National Identity Network (ENIN), our own recognized NGO on displacement and refugee children, LIVED, an annual staff-student conference on cutting edge sociological research, New Directions), a monthly seminar series, PhD & Staff writing retreats, and the many activities of our Sociology Society (Soc Soc). To check out this year's New Directions conference schedule, please click here

Sociology Postgraduate Wiki

Whether you are new to Sociology at Edinburgh, or have been here for sometime, you may have questions about what to expect academically or socially, or how things work here. If so then check out the Sociology Postgraduate Wiki.

On the Wiki there is loads of useful information on living in Edinburgh and studying in the School of Social and Political Science. This is information existing postgraduate research students put together from their experience on what they would have found useful to know before arriving at Edinburgh Sociology for postgraduate studying. But if you have any further questions, please get in touch.