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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Our Alumni Say...

The MSc(R) in Science and Technology Studies is a key step in a students progress towards developing expertise in this growing field. For many it is the foundation for a PhD. Recent graduates of the MSc(R) have this to say:

"Towards the end of my undergraduate career, I had a chance to learn a little about scientific communication, and how the evolutionary science I was studying could be shaped by society and politics.  In the process, and almost by accident, I found STS to be far more interesting that my original subject! The MSc(R) at Edinburgh moved me far, far beyond this initial dip into STS, and revolutionised my whole view of what science is, how it works, and how different kinds of science relate to society. Both my teachers and fellow students were so inspiring, and I am sure we learned far more working together than we ever could have separately. The MSc(R) also gave me the skills I needed to start learning how to do research in the field: my dissertation turned into a pilot study, which in turn morphed into my PhD thesis. I'm now working as a researcher in STS, so I suppose you could say that the MSc did actually change my life. It was also immense fun!"

-Angela Cassidy

"The course really did help as a foundation for the PhD. Mainly because I was allowed to gear many of my module assignments to my own interests which meant that I was able to see how everything that was taught could be applied to my own work. For somebody new(ish) to social science it was also a big help in the transition between basic science and STS. Also on a more personal level it was good to get settled in the department, get to know your supervisors and to meet people that would be able to help you in the future. The MSc(R) allows you a bit of a run-up to starting the actual PhD"

-Emma King

"The MSc(R) gave me the opportunity to work with two supervisors, the programme director and other research students to develop my area of interest into a full Ph.D. proposal. The wide range of STS courses on offer enabled me to explore unexpected areas of interest, and in the end I was able to produce a better proposal than I would otherwise have been able to do."

- Heather Lowrie

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