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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm interested in applying, who do I contact first?

Dr Elke Heins, Postgraduate Advisor in Social Policy


We encourage PhD applicants in particular to contact respective staff of the subject group first, so as to discuss the potential PhD interests, proposal and the match with subject group expertise.

What happens when I apply? 

Once your application is received, it is checked over to ensure that it has all necessary documents and the basic entry thresholds are met. The application is then sent to the social policy group, where the Postgraduate Adviser and potential supervisors consider the application. This may involve contacting supervisors outwith the social policy group, as appropriate. The recommendation is then made to the Graduate School of Social & Political Science, who will contact you as soon as possible with a decision.

When is the deadline for applications?

Please note that the deadline for applications for a September start is mid to late July. Applications must be submitted by this date. Please note, however, that all deadlines for scholarships are much earlier than this (most with a deadline in late January/early February).

Is there funding available?

The most up to date information on the types of financial support available can be found at the Graduate school site, with further scholarships opportunities listed at

What are the English language requirement?

Information on English Language Entry Requirements for Postgraduate Students can be found here.

When does the programme run? 

The MSc by Research begins in September of each year.

The PhD can be begun at any time of year, with the agreement of the Postgraduate Adviser and supervisors. To benefit from induction programmes and research course progression, it is advantageous to start in September. The Edinburgh semester dates can be found here.

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