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MSc by Research in South Asian Studies

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The application deadline for this programme is 13th July 2018

MSc by Research in South Asian Studies Programme Handbook 2017-18

We warmly invite candidates to apply for MSc by Research in South Asian Studies. We host a thriving and cosmopolitan community of research students at the Centre for South Asian Studies.

The MSc by Research provides training in the advanced research skills necessary to complete independent research in the South Asian context, including any of the countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean region. This training may form preparation for a PhD in South Asian Studies. The PhD in South Asian Studies signifies the ability successfully to complete an advanced, multidisciplinary study that makes a significant and original contribution to our knowledge of South Asia.

Teaching and Research Environment

Our teaching staff's research is highly regarded internationally in, all the subject areas from which we draw upon and contribute (Sociology, Social Anthropology, Politics and International Relations, Religious Studies, Human Geography, and History) and were rated highly in their respective fields within the UK in the last Research Excellent Framework. Moreover the University of Edinburgh is a world class university and one of the world's greatest centres of gravity for South Asianist expertise. Consequently, our teaching and supervision are of the highest standard; built on our commitment to teaching and our own cutting edge research.


We provide a challenging, dynamic, supportive and tightly-knit environment for our students. Students at CSAS form a dynamic group, all studying different topics and countries but linked by their interest in South Asia. Students are encouraged to become active members of the Centre, participating in conferences, seminars, research projects and contributing to our publication profile. Senior research students are often involved in course planning and teaching, which helps in equipping them for future academic careers. Our research graduates are highly employable, they remain in academia, join the development sector or become researchers in South Asia and elsewhere. The research and other skills they have developed during their time here allows them to seek opportunities across the globe.

Student Seminars and Workshops

Throughout the year PhD students organise informal peer review seminars or participate in graduate workshops, where students have the opportunity to present their research proposal, fieldwork plans, chapter ideas, etc. This provides a friendly forum in which students can exchange ideas about theoretical and practical aspects of their work with others who were going through or have recently gone through the same process. MSc research students also are invited to participate in these sessions.

Fees and Scholarships

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