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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school



MSc in African Studies

The MSc in African Studies is intended for all of those with an enthusiasm for Africa-related issues, ideas, and areas of research. The recently restructured programme provides a substantive theoretical and methodological grounding in three of Edinburgh's core disciplinary strengths in African Studies - Anthropology, History, and Politics - within a study framework that is sufficiently flexible to enable students to develop their own interests with a view to the job market and/or future research.

MSc in Africa and International Development

This programme aims to locate African development firmly in theory and practice. It seeks to contextualise and analyse development interventions in Africa.

MSc in Comparative Public Policy

This degree will introduce students to the challenge of making comparative analyses of and for social policy development. It will give them opportunities to develop their analytic and methodological skills for comparative analysis. It will consider the main focal points of comparison in social policy, including the comparative analysis of welfare states, of regions and nations, and of particular policies. These subjects will be examined from an analytic perspective which explores key themes such as the role of context and contraints, the analysis of policy choice, the influence of values and institutions, and the processes of learning and policy transfer.

MSc in Digital Society

The MSc in Digital Society at the University of Edinburgh develops knowledge and skills in digital culture, the digital economy and the sociology of finance, and emerging digital research methods.

MSc in Energy, Society and Sustainability (with the School of Geosciences)

The world is facing an ‘energy trilemma’ - how can we achieve energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability? This new MSc programme focuses on analysing the social, societal and environmental dimensions of energy transitions. The programme also looks at low carbon technologies, policies and markets. There are opportunities to examine how citizens are involved in and are affected by changes in energy systems through international field trips and research projects.

MSc in Global Crime, Justice and Security (with the School of Law)

How can we build a safer, fairer world? This MSc brings together expertise from the School of Law and the School of Social & Political Science to examine the connected phenomena of crime, justice and security in a global context.

MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society

This MSc degree combines environmental politics and environmental sociology with normative philosophy. It provides a uniquely comprehensive social scientific perspective on global environmental issues such as climate change, sustainable development, energy, and biodiversity. A distinctive feature is the opportunity to complete a project-based report involving close work with practitioners in government, business or NGO sector.

MSc in Global Health Policy

The emerging field of global health has rapidly become central to foreign, trade and development agendas. This programme offers an interdisciplinary and policy-focused approach to global health, equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue roles in public health policy, research and advocacy.

MSc in Global Mental Health and Society

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