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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


What We're Reading

Africa is an incredibly diverse continent and this reflects the breadth of material we read as part of our programme. Here is a selection of material that our students have recently read during the M.Sc.. You may even enjoy reading a few before you start...

  • Adichie, C. N. (2006) Half of a Yellow Sun.
  • Bates, R., Mudimbe, V. and O’Barr, P. (1993) Africa and the Disciplines.
  • Fanon, F. (1965 edition) The Wretched of the Earth.
  • Mamdani, M. (2009) Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, politics, and the war on terror.
  • Mazrui, A. and I. Shariff. (1994) The Swahili: Idiom and identity of an African people.
  • Mbembe, A. (2001) On the Postcolony.
  • Nugent, P. (2012 edition) Africa Since Independence.
  • Mamdani, Mahmood (1996) Citizen and Subject: Contemporary Africa and the Legacies of Late Colonialism.
  • Cooper, Fredrick (2002) Africa Since 1940: The Past of the Present
  • Anderson, David (2005). Histories of the Hanged: the dirty war in Kenya and the end of Empire
  • Alexander, Jocelyn, J. McGregor, T. Ranger (2000) Violence and Memory: One Hundred Years in the “Dark Forests” of Matabeleland.
  • Cheeseman, Nic (2015) Democracy in Africa: Successes, Failures, and the Struggle for Political Reform,
  • Mamdani, Mahmood (2002) When Victims Become Killers: Nativism, and the Genocide in Rwanda.
  • Hodgson, Dorothy (2017) Gender, Justice, and the Problem of Culture: From Customary Law to Human Rights in Tanzania.
  • Nanjala Nyabola, (2018) Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics: How the Internet Era is Transforming Kenya.