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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Student Testimonial 3

After completing an undergraduate degree in Geography here at Edinburgh, I decided to do an MSc in Social Research, through which I wanted to study the spaces of primary schools. In preparation for my fieldwork, I took two of the courses which comprise the MSc in Childhood Studies, one on children's rights and another on the methods and ethics of research with kids. These were an invaluable part of my research training as I knew little about either topic, and I felt that some of the other methods courses I was doing were rather too general in scope to fully equip me for my project.

The courses were taught very interactively as seminars were followed by group discussions. This teaching style seemed to fit the subject matter well, particularly as the classes were small enough to create a really intimate space for discussion, and were comprised of people with all sorts of backgrounds. Unlike me, most of them had some experience of research with children, and so I was able to benefit greatly from their insights, especially into methods and ethics.

Afterwards, I had a wonderful time in the field, and passed my MSc with distinction. I am now back in the Geography department, undertaking a PhD, still looking at the spaces of primary schools but in much more detail.

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