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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


MSc in Global Mental Health and Society

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Global Mental Health – interdisciplinary approaches at Edinburgh

Do you want to examine how mental health is understood and addressed cross-culturally across the world?

Are you interested in the social drivers of poor mental health and ways to address these?

Do you want to play a role in transforming mental health care globally?

Mental health and wellbeing are crucial global health and social welfare policy concerns. Across the planet there is a diversity of understanding of what constitutes mental health and mental illness. There are a complex range of social, political, economic, physical and cultural factors that interact to shape mental health of individuals and communities. A central challenge is about how policies and services can be framed to address these complexities and improve access to appropriate mental health care at local levels.

This interdisciplinary postgraduate programme offers students opportunities to develop social science perspectives on global mental health policy, practice and research; space for creating transformative possibilities; and tools for conceptual and practice innovation.

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