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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


MSc in International Political Theory

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The application deadline for this programme is 5 July 2021.

Welcome from the Programme Director

Welcome to the MSc in International Political Theory programme microsite.  On these pages you will find key information about what this programme offers.  I hope you'll find everything you are looking for and if you don't, please feel free to contact me.

Mihaela Mihai, Programme Director


International Political Theory (IPT) is a new and rapidly growing field, capturing some of the most important and intellectually exciting developments of contemporary political concern.  Questions of justice, rights, political obligation and forms of government, previously examined primarily within the context of the nation-state, appear transformed as new and unprecedented challenges arise in the context of increasing global integration. 

Central questions include: How can we tackle the ensuring effects of racialisation, mysoginy and ableism? What is a just cause for war?  When is intervention justified? What principles of justice can or should apply globally?  Should human rights ever take precedence over the principle of state sovereignty?  What responsibilities do citizens of the affluent North have towards the global poor?  How should international institutions respond to the challenges of global environmental protection and climate change?

In short, we are interested in examining the rights and wrongs of international affairs, viewing these not only as ethical issues, but also as matters rooted in, and with consequences for, the institutions and processes of political and economic organisation globally.

Our approach to study

Our programme is highly modular and personalisable - giving you the space to pursue your individual interests, wherever they may lie. You may forge your own pathway through the degree programme, choosing taught courses from the schools of Social and Political Sciences, Business, Law, Economics or Philosophy. You will also develop specialist skills through a dissertation length research project. To acquaint yourself with all the details of the programme, please consult the handbook:

Further information 

Please use the menu on the left to find further information about the structure of the programme and the courses we offer. See below for details on how to apply and about the scholarships available. 

Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

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Fees and scholarships

For information on fees and scholarship, please see here.

Bologna compatibility

Like all University of Edinburgh Masters programmes, the degree is fully Bologna compatible, and is recognised across Europe and beyond under the principles of the Bologna framework. The programme comprises 180 Edinburgh credits, which are equivalent to 90 ECTS credits.


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