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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school



The dissertation is an extended piece of independent research on an agreed topic concerned with the International Relations of the Middle East. The dissertation will be no longer than 15,000 words and will need to be submitted by a date usually in the second half of August.

The dissertation is expected to tackle a research problem, engage the relevant literature, and build upon the relevant concepts and theories introduced in the taught elements of the degree. You will deploy a range of primary and secondary sources as well as appropriate data-analytic and bibliographic skills. You will be allocated a research supervisor from either IMES or PIR by the Spring to advise on and oversee your research .

Intended Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • learn to undertake a sustained piece of independent research within the disciplinary fields of International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies that demonstrates the research skills, training and knowledge acquired during the coursework;
  • refine your abilities to engage critically and analytically with the significant literature in the field of your specialist interest;
  • train to formulate a research problem;
  • utilise relevant theories, theoretical frameworks and concepts in tackling a research problem;
  • learn to develop a systematic research design;
  • demonstrate scrupulous attention to the relevant data-analytical, referencing, and bibliographic conventions.
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