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Arnol Samiev

Arnol Samiev

Name: Arnol Samiev
From: Kyrgyzstan
Degree: MSc in Health Inequalities and Public Policy
Graduated: 2010
Doing now: Working As Deputy Medical Coordinator for Médecins Sans Frontières in Kyrgyzstan.

What were you doing before you applied to the MSc?

I had been working as a Research Assistant with the Centre for Health System Development in Kyrgyzstan, participating in health policy studies in Kyrgyzstan.

Why did you apply to the programme?

With this programme, I wanted to gain a deeper insight into current debates regarding health inequalities globally and locally, to identify key issues for research, understand methodology of health policy research, and explore the health policy process.

What are your best memories from your time studying here?

Two things. One is I enjoyed discussing and critically assessing the health issues and policy options with my fellow students and professors. Second is cracking tasks in statistics and epidemiology classes.

What's it like being a student in Edinburgh?

Life was booming every day. I enjoyed my classes in the university and dancing evenings in numerous Swing-dance societies. I managed my time to drop in to the Edinburgh Festival during my dissertation at times with my red eyes despite not always getting the accents!

What have you done since graduating?

3 months of taxi driving to make ends meet. Then I was picked-up by MSF to do a TB project in prisons of Kyrgyzstan. Recently I participated in publication of an article on a health policy issue in three countries.

What are you doing at present?

With MSF, I am part of a medical team to introduce an ambulatory care model for tackling MDR TB and TB/HIV in a district of Kyrgyzstan.

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