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Katharina Steinhart

Katharina Steinhart

Name: Katharina Steinhart
From: Vienna, Austria
Degree: MSc Global Health and Public Policy
Graduated: 2011
Doing now: Intern at GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit/German International Cooperation) Regional HIV/AIDS Programme in Brasilia, Brazil

What were you doing before you applied to the MSc?

I was an undergraduate student of International Relations at Edinburgh University.

Why did you apply to the programme?

I had always been interested in public health and the political context within which it takes place. Also, I highly enjoyed being an undergraduate student at Edinburgh University - great staff, great resources, great city. As soon as I discovered that there was a programme so pertinent to my interests in a place where I knew I would enjoy studying, I did not hesitate to apply.

What are your best memories from your time studying here?

Some of my best memories are probably my first and last lectures during this degree. In the first one, I was full of excitement and enthusiasm, and my expectations were met by a thought-provoking introduction into public health issues, promising an exciting year of becoming acquainted with the subject. In the last lecture, we looked back on what we had learned over the year and which conclusions we would take concerning the world of public health. Given the efforts that had gone into studying throughout the academic period, it felt particularly rewarding to reconsider everything we had learned together with our teachers and to find out about the different sets of opinions that had formed in our heads about such a complex topic.

What's it like being a student in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a very student-friendly city. As a student here you can choose from a broad range of entertainment, sports facilities, nightlife, etc. Also, many places offer student discounts. The atmosphere at Edinburgh University is quite international. Courses you can choose from are interesting and well-taught and resources to support your studies ample. Teaching and support staff are enormously helpful and friendly.

What have you done since graduating?

After the programme finished I went straight into my current internship.

What are you doing at present?

Currently, I work as an intern at the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit/German International Cooperation) Regional HIV/AIDS Programme in Brasilia, Brazil. The GIZ's Regional HIV/AIDS Programme supports a horizontal, integrated health system response to HIV/AIDS throughout Latin America and the Caribbean through various triangular and multilateral cooperation projects. In this quite innovative type of cooperation, Brazil is the main provider of technical expertise, while the GIZ seeks to facilitate the cooperation process as a whole.

In this challenging but extremely interesting internship, my main task is to support the programme's knowledge management as well as project planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. I feel that the Master's degree from Edinburgh University equipped me with two vital prerequisites necessary to fulfil my tasks at the GIZ to my supervisors' full satisfaction: firstly, ample knowledge about public health issues and themes and secondly, research, analysis, and presentation skills acquired during my degree.

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