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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


IEP Alumni Stories

Here are some stories our alumnis shared with us about what they have been up to since their graduation and what they do now: 

Recent graduates




Courtney Fingar, IEP cohort of 2001-2, is currently the editor of fDi Intelligence, the Financial Times magazine (December 2012).

Watch Courtney speaking about FDI  opportunities for global investors of the London 2012 Olympics (February 2011)

I am the editor of fDi Magazine, a specialist publication from The Financial Times Ltd which is focused on foreign direct investment and is read by senior-level executives at multinational companies as well as government officials globally. I have been in the role since 2004, after a two-year stint editing a trade finance magazine, and it has allowed me the opportunity to visit nearly 60 countries in all parts of the world. Based in London, I travel most weeks, interviewing government ministers and CEOs, and speaking at conferences to represent our publication and its associated data business. My job is all about international politics so I would say the degree served me very well.


Gabriel Goldberg, MSc IEP 2001-2, Semetis, Brussels, Belgium, November 2011

'After working with Google for a few years, I decided to set-up Semetis in 2009 and have developed it into a 14 people agency. Semetis specialises in online marketing with various consulting and execution services. Semetis works with blue-chip companies such as National Rail, GDF, ING, National Television, AXA, Comet, IKEA, Ixina and many others in key markets like Belgium, Netherlands and France. The IEP gave me the right academic background and maturity in order to grow and be serious about taking responsibilities in business. IEP students understand the value of stakeholders and the institutional environment in which firms operate and so have the ability to see the big picture.'


Luke Skipper, MSc IEP 2005-6, Head of the Scottish National Party Office, Westminister, Houses of Parliament (Dec 2011)

An article (December 2011) on Luke’s job as the man who runs the SNP’s Westminister Office.


Christian Sandjord, MSc IEP 2005-6,  Sudan Volunteer Programme, May 2008 

'I am good and safe.  The rebel attack by JEM from Darfur on the capital about a week ago was very dramatic.  There has been heavy fighting and a lot of destruction in Omdurman, a part of the city on the other side of the Nile from where I am now living.  The situation was tense for about two days but things are back to normal now..................I am finished with my 6 month placement in desert Dongola and I am now in the capital for a new half year period.  I am now teaching English communication at Sudan International University part-time and I'm part time working for a Sudanese NGO on the same health/development projects I worked on in Dongola.  So things are good.  But it is awfully warm here!'

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