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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Felix Moldovan

Felix Moldovan
Felix Moldovan
Doing Now

My name is Felix Moldovan. I am originally from Romania where I have finished the first two years of my University. This was followed by a transfer to Canterbury Christ Church University where I graduated in Global Politics and Marketing. I heard of the IEP programme from a few friends who were very pleased of the standard and quality of teaching. After reading a few reviews from different people I decided to follow this program as I found it best suited my academic and professional interests.

Why did you decide to do the IEP degree?

The most important aspect of education to me was to gain a broad perspective on international events. Considering the unfortunate state in which the world economy was/is at the moment I believe having a substantial yet broad understanding of world events is key. The IEP program gives exactly that. It provided a strong theoretical base for those who want it while also focusing on the practicalities of political/economic events. I believe it has armed me with certain strong analytical skills that I will surely use later in my career. Furthermore,the academic aspects of the course weren't the only reasons why I chose the IEP program. Edinburgh played a major role as well. I was fortunate enough to visit Edinburgh a few times previously and I can honestly say I fell in love with the city. It is a perfect size, the people are outgoing and kind and the landscape is simply breathtaking. All these elements provide for a memorable stay in Edinburgh.

What were your best memories?

It would be hard to chose among my favourite memories of Edinburgh. I know I enjoyed walking up Arthur's Seat, or following the river of Leith down to the harbour or having a Sunday stroll in Dean's village. The city is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever had the fortune to visit, especially during sunset or sunrise when standing on the North South Bridge, the city seems like a dreamworld.

What is it that you do now and did the degree help in your career path?

I had to move back to my country due to certain health problems in my family. I am currently working in a company that deals with the administration of European Projects/European funds. I intend to pursue an internship at the European Parliament next year when I manage to deal with the difficulties at home. I believe the degree has given me a strong foundation to follow my dream of becoming an ambassador. Unfortunately, the current economic/political environment in my country does not permit me to work in my desired field, but I am confident that I will start climbing the steps of my career starting with the internship at the EP. When this happens, I am confident that the academic discipline I have received during the program, and the experience I have gained during the conferences I participated at, will help me greatly in the future.