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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


The application process

The application deadline for this programme was 14th July 2017, and admissions are now closed.

Applications to this programme can be made via the central Online Application Service of the University.

Apart from their personal details and documentation of their qualifications, applicants will need to submit a personal statement. Academic references are not necessary.

You are welcome to contact the School's Admissions Team at any point during the process. For questions about the content of the programme, please contact the Programme Director in the first instance.

The processing of an application and decision can take up to 10 weeks. 

Please note that a non-refundable application fee of £50 is payable at the time of application submission, once a UUN (University User Number) has been issued. Please click here for more information on how to pay the application fee. Please note: Your application will not be processed until we have received your application fee payment.

Further guidance on how to apply and entry requirements, etc. is available on the Graduate School website

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